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  • Which Maxxis High Roller for the Alps?
  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    On Minions (especially front). I always wondered why I found them to be sketchy/not great yet they always seem to be on DH racers bikes.

    Then I realised you need to be able to rail, nail and **** own the tracks to get the Minions (especially the DHF) to work right.

    Its not really a good tyre for the average mincer.
    ???? One of the best all round tyres around!!


    Indeed. I never said it wasn’t. I said its not the best tyre for mincers IMO.


    Anyone used Dual Ply non-UST Maxxis ran tubeless on Stans ? Normal single ply folders have always been Ok.


    I totally disagree Hora, the High Roller has a tendency to drift and then grip in corners if you don’t lean enough into it, especially on the front, due to the central tread running outwards perpendicular to the direction of rotation. The Minion DHR is similar to this but the the Minion DHF combats this by having a more angled central tread.
    This is why EVERYONE runs a Minion on the front rather than a High Roller…


    Dual ply on stans……..no issues here last year in France…..even when I forgot about pressures and was running around 20psi or less!


    Ok I have:
    HR 2.5 Supertacky double ply
    HR 2.35 Supertacky singleply
    Minion DHF 2.35 Maxxpro singleply
    Brand new Swampthing Supertacky 2.35

    Premier Icon flowmtbguy

    2 super tacky High roller 2.5 dual plys on my Patriot.
    LUST 2.35 super tacky High roller 2.35, with a cross mark LUST out back on my Five (think it’s 60a, it’s not specific on the tire wall).

    when the rear Super Tacky wears out on the patriot, I get a new one and put it on the front, then the old front gets relegated to the rear.

    I’ve not changed my tyres on the Five since last June – they do the trick very well indeed.

    A bit more frequently on the Patriot though – those 42a’s don’t last long here.. Only really an option if you’re a: rich, or b: a bike shop owner 🙂


    Lack of UST compatibility for tubeless with the highroller 2 is the reason… The hr2 kept popping off the ztr flow rims, not something you want doing 30mph+ down a rocky alpine slope. Hence minion and hr1 which are UST specific.

    Then don’t use tubeless as **** all of the serious racers on the NPS circuit do or at least did. The more predictable grip is well worth the extra weight of running tubes. Not even that much weight as no one we knew ever bothered using heavy duty tubes when running dual plys.

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