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  • Which ‘Gravity-Dropper seat post?
  • grumm

    That’s def one advantage of the i900 – you can stop it wherever you want on the 5″ of travel 😛

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    repac rider try it with the cable the other way round if you routing is a pain . mine was and this way is much better

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    Also, you will get several degrees of rotational movement with most seatposts of this type. Seems weird at first, but you dont really notice it when riding.

    Not with the i900 that I’ve seen.

    Hats off to Superstar – that was a nice product they picked up at Taiwan last year. They’ll be some fighting over the new models at the end of March.


    I recently purchased a Maverick remote version off here.
    It does have float in the saddle but I dont notice it when riding and I have used a gravity dropper in the past which did this also. Overall fairly happy with it but I have a couple of issues/questions:
    1.There seems to be a point where, if its clamped in the frame, it stops the saddle returning to full height almost as if it was nipping the inner and outer tubes together
    2. Even if I get it set up properly before the ride there seems to be times when it still doesn’t return to full height.

    I took it to bits and it was fairly clean inside but I cleaned and re-greased it anyway but has anyone else experienced this.


    brant is that the i950 you are talking about or something else?


    will it come in 27.2mm Brant? Surely as most of your frames take that size post you’d have to?

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    i950 is the upgraded version of the i900 that is tested in the latest issue of Singletrack magazine.


    Blimey just noticed the i950 has 175mm of travel!


    Have the KS i900 – great piece of kit – smile every time I adjust the saddle – no more breaks in the ride to adjust saddle – no play whatsover and i weigh 15 stone

    Repack Rider

    Marin County, Cali

    Like I said, there are several models of Gravity Dropper, and this is the one I ended up with. As you can see, the routing is stupid, and turning the seat post around doesn’t look like it would help. It looks like the cable is about to break off where it enters the seat post, and it looks like the mount could stab you in the leg. (It hasn’t yet.)


    Orwell was a f#$king optimist.

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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