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  • Which bike for these forks…………………………
  • 2007 Marzocchi RC2’s, 150mm forks, but pretty tall and not light. I’d sove some kashima coated floats, but the bank ballance says no!

    Thinking something similalrly industrial and unsubtle like a patriot? It’s replcing a 456 hardtail so more mini downhill than freeride.


    What else do you have in the stable?

    Perhaps add a dh orientated hardtail (single ring/chain device..)


    Cross frame

    They’re not the orange ones are they?


    Stable? Does he live on a farm?

    Premier Icon StuE

    Like these ?

    IMG_3374 by StuE1, on Flickr

    If its the orange ones then I could find a home for them in exchange for some $$$ towards your floats 😉


    Cotic BFe

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    Cotic BFe in orange


    if i had the orange ones i’d like something like this…

    I’d put them on a bmx and then go for a ride round Swinley forest.

    The BMX already have soem lovely oddesey forks which have more than enough travel to cope with Swinely :-p

    They’re coming off a hardtail (the 456) so looking to go for a full susser like the patriot. Soemthing low-ish, slack-ish, 6″-ish. On the hardtail the forks felt like they were barley getting started when the rest of the bike was crying out for mercy!

    DaveyBoy, I’ve only used them for a week since buying them off the classifides, you can have them if you like, but you’ll have to pry them from my cold dead hands!

    Mmmmmm, orange Bombers. Let me know if you do fancy selling at some point in the future. Been after a decent set for a while!


    Iron horse 6 point 5? Old Kona Stinky? Some sort of Big Hit? Giant Reign? All of these can be picked up on the cheap. I had a reign and it was pretty plush for the money.


    Those orange Marzocchis would look great on the front of my orange Wolf Ridge.

    So therefore my recommendation for a mini-DH frame is an orange Marin Wolf Ridge / Attack Trail. Great bikes IMHO.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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