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  • where does it all come from? (genuine biology question)
  • those of a nervous disposition look away now…

    given that i’ve had a stomach bug since tuesday, and haven’t eaten a real mean since thursday lunchtime, how on earth was my 8th motion of today as volumous as a regular 1-a-day one?

    where does the physical material come from? in the past 24 hours i’ve eaten a small bowl of pasta, a banana, a couple of handfuls of dry cereal and 2 chocolate biscuits.

    genuinely interested.


    You have an alien parasite eating you from the inside… 😯

    i have just gotten back from nepal… 😯

    Takes a while to get everything out.

    Assuming you are an omnivoore…Apparently there 6 pounds of meat in your intestines at any one time. Sounds like you’re carrying a noir less than that now…

    fair enough! didn’t take long for the peanut sandeku to get through me whilst i was there – spicy in = spicy out, multiple times!

    allthepies – i’ll take my camera next time, just for you 😈


    Apparently there 6 pounds of meat in your intestines at any one time.

    I’m gonna call crap (sorry) on that one. Given that the average transit time of your digestive system is 1-3 days, there is no way that there is 6lb of meat in the intestine of anyone with anything like a normal diet. That would require eating at least 2lb of meat per day, every day.

    I like meat. Don’t you?

    jonah tonto

    to gone fishing, your intestine isnt full of solid poo, the water gets extracted towards the end, firming it up. this means some stuff can be moved along faster then others. or so im told

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    So how come if I ate sweet corn yesterday, for the first time in weeks, there is sweetcorn in the pan this morning? Does sweetcorn have a Porsche badge on it?



    When i had gardia in new zealand i didnt eat for days at a time but was pooping my self inside out

    In 4 weeks of giardia and 4 trips to a and e at hospitals along the way. Id lost over a stone.

    One trip to a private doctor , 45 bucks later and some anti biotics and giardia was sent packing.


    most of what you excrete is bacteria and dead bits of you……

    jonah tonto

    yep your body know there is nothing to be gained from sweetcorn and shoves it straight out

    Premier Icon Cougar

    I figure sweetcorn is just an excuse to eat butter.


    Close observation indicates that on a good fibre-rich diet, average transit time is somewhat under 24 hours.
    The 1-3 days figure was for the low-fibre high starch diet of the West in the 50s & 60s.


    Well the 1-3 days was all I could find on the net. My own experience eating beetroot would indicate a time that is less than that *ahem*.

    There isn’t some railway like siding in your fit where stuff can accumulate. If there is 6lb of meat in your gut at any one time you have either the worst diet in the world or a very serious medical condition.

    interesting… a 24 hour system sounds like mine, usually… maybe i’m just excreting bits of a large family of tapeworm which have taken refuge in my gut 😐

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Re the beetroot thing, I was once seconds away from ringing the docs, convinced I’d just pee’d blood, then realized/remembered I’d eaten a load of beetroot that morning…. 😳


    My cycling buddy is a gastroenterologist and he tells me some amazing stuff about the human intestinal tract.

    At any one time about 10 litres of the water in your body is involved in the digestive cycle; the stomach mashes it all up and adds water, the enzymes are added and off it goes to the small intestine where the nutrients are absorbed then on to the large bowel where the water is recovered. If the contents are contaminated with a nasty, the large bowel just says “no thanks” and on it all goes, straight for the bog. Or your pants if you’re unlucky. You can live without your large bowel but it’s not very pleasant.

    And yes, worst food poisoning I ever had was from hotel ice cream in Pakistan and I couldn’t believe how much liquid came out of both ends of my body.

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