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  • Whats the verdict on the xbox one x then?
  • julians

    Currently have an aging xbox 360,thinking about getting a new gen console for xmas.

    Wondering whether to go for one s,one x or ps 4 pro.

    I already have a 4k telly to use with it.


    Review I read said the one S is so good the X isn’t worth the extra unless you need a 4K DVD player too.


    PS4 Pro.

    Weaker spec wise, but has the better choice of games. As it’s exclusives are so much stronger than MS.

    Last Of Us
    Uncharted 4 (Plus DLC)
    Horizon Zero Dawn (Plus DLC)
    Last Of Us 2 (next year)
    God Of War (next year)


    MS will probably catch up at some point, but not in the foreseeable.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    The whole point of the One X over the regular one is 4K gaming. How fussed are you about that?

    Point of interest perhaps is that the One has backwards compatibility with a growing library of 360 games. How invested are you in the Xbox infrastructure, do you game with friends online? I went from 360 to One for precisely this reason.

    Switching to the PS gives you access to PS exclusives that were still exclusive in 360 days – that’s perhaps a compelling reason to switch, though I just scratched that itch this week by buying a PS3.


    Our Xbox S is brilliant, but we don’t have a 4K TV and no plans to buy one unless the current one dies.

    Even so the S will actually stream in 4K and play 4K Blu-rays, Just not the games.


    I’m out of touch with these things, have the games actually got any better or is it just a rehash of the same ideas with amazeballs graphics?

    Premier Icon H1ghland3r

    Don’t have one, very happy with my PS4 Pro thank you but I did coincidentally happen across this earlier today.


    Seems the Xbox One X 4K blu-ray player is a bit of a disaster.. just incase that function was a factor in your decision..


    I dont care about the 4k blu ray player, and i have no particular loyalty to the xbox platform.

    Ps4 pro appeals a bit because of access to all the old ps exclusives,but the one x also appeals because of the fact its the most future proofed (ie most powerful)

    Like the option to have vr on the ps4 ,but suspect ms will do vr for xbox soon enough and it will most likely be better than ps4,due to higher processing oomph of xbox one x.

    I suspect the right answeris wait 6 months then get a one x. It certainly doesent seem right to buy a one s at this point,with the one x available.

    Seems to be a choice between ps4pro and onex


    I’d be worried about framerates @ 4k on a console, either the graphics detail or the framerate has to suffer on that hardware.


    Don’t overthink it.

    Get a PS4 Pro on a deal over Black Friday weekend. Probably see prices of around £300 with a AAA game or 2.

    It’s going to take a year or so for the X to mature and for MS to actually get some games etc. So worse case scenario you get a year to play all the PS4 exclusives and then just sell it. You won’t lose that much money and the X will be cheaper to buy. Practically nothing compared to the depreciation on bike components.


    Jamie , that is probably the right call


    Keep the details of the deals coming, anything xbox one x or ps4 pro related especially.


    I would be surprised if there were any amazing deals on the X, purely due to it’s newness.


    +1 for more Currys deals, eg PS4 Pro bundle @ £339 (save £173)!

    Days ago I was set on a secondhand PS3 bundle, then got seduced by the PS4’s capabilities, and now I just want the Pro … which of course means getting a new U4K telebox … and there are some great deals on those too. Ggrhh, damn home improvements absorbing my funds hence can’t justify it all. Ggrgrhhh.

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