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  • cooie

    I was looking at some results the other day and saw a Matt Farmer in the expert cat top 10, I wondered wether or not it was ‘the’ Matt Farmer from my Junior cat days?

    Was about to mention Matt Farmer. Didn’t he race for a uni team?

    DC i must have been in the same race did a few muddy bosleys.


    There was Paul Lasenby who rode for Marin.

    well there is a Paul Lasenby riding for Whyte in tomorrow’s Southern Champs


    Keeley Lockey?

    Keeley Lockey, 1994 by nick3216, on Flickr

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    Randomly, I saw Barrie Clark about 8am yesterday morning. He was marshaling the Fred Whitton (outside the Drunken Duck)

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    salsa: Used to love the Boltby Bash. Somewhere I may even still have a video of it. Nothing to play it on though.

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    Great thread and to think I nearly chucked away all the old grundig and tob vids not so long ago !


    I recently had to throw away all my old MBIs. Had about 93 till 96….cant remember when it went. Had I known all this nostalgia was on here and still alive I would have kept them!!!! Loved reading this thread and remembering the good ol’days!!!


    I just so happen to have this:

    Barrie Clarkes 1991 Team Raleigh Dynatech frameset.


    Am I imagining things or didn’t they pull the plug on the Malvern Hills Classic because it all got a bit nasty one year?

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    An image of Keeley Lockey wearing the Karrimor team skin suit will be forever be engrained in my mind. Lurvely.


    Article from last year on Caroline Alexander (now married with a family, and has given up the sport)


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    Bit surprised Adrian Timmis did not get a mention as he raced with Gould/Baker/Foord etc back in the day. He runs Cadence Sport in Barton under Needwood (near Burton-on-Trent)and did a bike fit for me about 2 years ago. Saw a pic on his wall sitting down in a field spattered in mud which I recalled from an old cycling mag.

    If stw could put a pic of Caroline A on the front page of the mag record sales could ensue!

    I have got some vhs tapes of Malverns in 94/9/96 which I should get transferred onto dvd sometime. Steve Peat, Rob Warner etc all racing. Also Paul Hinton who was doing mtb skillz in a mag almost losing at the bombhole. Front wheel down first but saving it. Just.


    Deb murrell,that’s a name from the past !!
    Worked for a frame builder at the time and I was the paint sprayer ,remember painting debs frame,carbon front monocoque with a steel back end,which I believe was built by Roberts .
    I remember them not very happy as I put our company name sticker on the frame before I lacquered it !! , was only doing what I was told :))
    Have some pictures somewhere of that 🙂

    Deb is a friend of mine. lives in Lancaster now with her partner and 2 kids. That I guess would have been the F1 carbon frame with the Roberts rear stays?


    The NEMBA race at langbgough on tees was my finest racing hour. A first in the trails, well joint first with will cogger and jez avery, but cos i was still only 16 i got the the top spot.
    Then later on that day i bagged a second in dual event.
    so my biggest ever results, and i missed prize giving! Cos i wanted a pot noodle, and can of skol!
    Got all the results sheets from NEMBA 91 and 92 in the attic i think.


    Blazin-saddles – Member
    Deb is a friend of mine. lives in Lancaster now with her partner and 2 kids. That I guess would have been the F1 carbon frame with the Roberts rear stays?

    You are correct 🙂 … will see if i can find the pics


    not the best picture, blazin-saddles , only one i could find at short notice

    Conveniently, my post above remains relevant even after the post that it referred to was deleted! 🙂

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    Coincidence this should pop up, as I found some old pics and scanned them in recently.

    Our top rider was John Samways. Did really well in Juniors and then Expert, but disappeared (about the same time I did). Haven’t seen him since about 93. He’s the one far left in the Oakleys.

    004 by T*inbred, on Flickr

    I remember the Boltby Bash – mad descent en masse, with the 90 degree right hander at the bottom…& the felled trees after the big drop should you not make the corner. Remember racing there & some guy in totally tricked out Cannondale with every bit of US made bling you could imagine. Screamed past him on the 1st descent & never saw him again. Also remember racing there & blowing front shifter very early in the 1st lap. couldn’t downshift & rode the whole race in the big ring…not my best result & very sore afterwards!
    I used to ride the Eston Hills events regularly too (Middlesbrough). Met JMC there & he asked about my Onza spuds, said they’d been great so far…then in icy cold race couldn’t release from pedals as hit a section you had to dismount…spent several minutes laid there fighting to release my feet.
    Recall Eston also had DH & XC race on same day, with one entry covering both. Recall almost taking out a photographer…main line was down a gully, but there was a ridge above, with a drop at the end, but it allowed a straighter line & more speed, except the photographer was stood there. Just missed him & think he fell in the mud.
    Ahh – Eston Hills mud…the race where you turned up with narrow tyres with little or no tread for winter races. Tread was pointless in the clay on the front of the hill, but over the back, the descent back & the grass corner onto the finish line were interesting!
    Loved the NEMBA & Hamsterley races too – 2 feet of water mid winter in Hamsterley…lovely!!


    Got that World Cup race at Strathpeffer on video. The skinny monk moaned after getting off two yards and hoisting bike on his shoulder. It had been the worst period of weather at that tome of year ever so everthing was sodden.

    I marshaled that race as a ruse to get into the nights pasta party. It was fun. Got my pasta and cream cakes. Got moaned at for going for seconds and partook in the foodfight with baked tatties and cream stuff. Next day I didn’t marshall. I got what I wanted and the irish bitch in charge of the event company was hideously awful so felt no guilt.

    My mates got all their bike bits nicked. I’m shit sleeping in tents. Too many axe murderers. Anyway I heard some whispering and said. Guys someones at your bikes (2yards away chained to fence) they said “na bollocks” only to get up next day with no saddles or seatposts etc. others faired much worse with front ends gone and bikes gone. Anyway my mates would have had a long ride back to the east coast without saddles so they took the train.

    The sight of Tomac on the mud chute was the bollox.


    Not quite Tim Gould but he was around the malvern hills classic races 🙂 came across some of these I scanned a while back!!

    dave hemmings getting beat in the eliminator

    steve peat!

    rob warner!!

    oh me.. haha

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