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  • what would you do..? car tax dodging.
  • oldgit

    Do it.
    I have three cars for personal and work use, all taxed, MOT’d and insured.
    I thought, turns out I missed a payment on the cheapest car to insure and had dismissed the following letters as junk mail.
    Anyway I got done, 6 points £200 fine and a vehicle recovery fee. Hands up it’s a fair cop and all that.

    But on the corner of my street is a badly damaged probably dumped Celica with 2008 road tax. Six days ago someone crashed into it during the night as I said it’s badly parked.
    What boils my **** is it’s still there. Now with smashed windows. My car gets taken away there and then, and I stump up cash all round. Is that still there coz there’s no money in it?
    So ****ing do it.


    I recall that a few years ago, in the Northeast I think, some **** in an old escort lost control on a junction, mounted the kerb and pinned two children and their mother against a house wall, killing all of them. He had bald front tyres.

    Stop farting around and report him NOW!!!

    Most Police areas now have an anonymous web reporting facility, if you’re worried about it. Alternatively, the DVLA will simply come out and seize it themselves.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Just to put some balance into this whole situation, and reassure everyone that people do sometimes make an “honest” mistake (I’ve been late for paying my car tax before because I forgot to!) by missing their car tax renewal date.

    That said, if it’s 2 months out (not 2 weeks), he’s driving around like a tit, and the car is in a very poor state of repair with bad tyres, then all probability points to the fact it is being driven around totally illegally, and with probably no MOT and insurance (possibly even the driver has no license!) and therefore he is a menace to anyone else on the road.

    Remember, it’s all too easy to penalise the law abiding citizens amongst us that make a small mistake on occasion such as paying their car tax late, or doing 35mph in a 30 zone, as we get issued with an automatic fine etc. For those who just don’t care, and register cars at false addresses, or don’t register them at all, drive around with no MOT/Tax/insurance or even a license, you’ve actually got to physically catch them in the act in order to be able to do something about it. And seeing as road policing is going down the route of even less policemen on the road, and more and more cameras, they’re literally encouraging those who have no regards to the law to carry on doing so!

    FWIW, in this case, unpaid tax on the car is not what I’d be reporting him for. I’d be reporting him for driving threateningly/dangerously and having illegal tyres on the vehicle. Let the coppers discover its got no tax either!


    If its not taxed then probably not insured. Idiot if he can afford the fuel he can the tax and insurance.

    He gave you the thinger.

    Ignore him or revenge/good citizen?

    Make your own choice!


    Deffo report it.
    Then take your mutt for a walk,& when he dumps his load of ‘dog toffee’on the pavement next to the car,& you pooper scoop it,just dispose of it through the raggedy hole in the cars fabric roof….


    Shop him, easy. DVLA, Police, Crimestoppers, or get his details here. I’ll talk to the uniforms happily.


    Do it. Especially considering he gave you the thinger. Whatever that is.

    Bit sneaky and cowardly isn’t it? I mean, come on, does anyone really believe you left it because you’d had a hard day at work?

    I can’t talk though. I pulled over to let someone who lives around the corner past, and instead of the usual hand up to say thanks, he just decided to stare into my car, giving me a hardman look like I was some kind of a c**t. Instead of confronting him I’ve spent the past two weeks spitting and pissing on his car on the way out of my close while on my early morning ride.

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