what tyes are people using for the muddy winter conditions?

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  • what tyes are people using for the muddy winter conditions?
  • joeditch

    Hi all im just wondering what tyres aye your preffered choice for winter riding?

    im not looking to pay a fortune for tyres just something cheapish but good!

    what do you suggest?

    cheers joe


    spesh storm control are good and cheapish

    Premier Icon househusband

    Have been pleasantly surprised by a Specialized Storm Control 2Bliss that I picked up for about £20 a few weeks ago. Running tubeless at just over 30psi and it's proven to be pretty effective in the local woodland singletrack mud, leaves and roots.


    I just fit a tyre and ride on it till the tread wears away…

    FYI bald tyres are rubbish on wet grass


    I wasn't going to join in, but spez storms are really good


    Bike tyres.


    thanks all so far i think my have to see if my lbs have got some of those spesh tyres in 🙂

    bassspine thanks 😛

    Big bike – Rubber Queen 2.2"
    NRS – Old Skool Stylings with a set of Conti XC 1.5". How fast in really vile conditions? VERY fast, that's how fast!

    Premier Icon stumpyjon

    Panaracer trailrakers.


    Depends how fast I want to ride….if I want to charge down descents then Swampthing 2.35 on front and High Roller or Minion 2.35 on the rear.

    For DH I use Swampthing 2.5 front and rear and if its pissing down Wetscream 2.5 on the front….get all of the above on offer for around £20 each if you look.


    Same as SFB. What ever is on stays on until tread too thin.

    lower pressure


    Mud X here. I did try leaving Fire XC pros on last winter but they clogged so badly that I would have to stop 3 or 4 times on a 6 mile ride to work to unjam everything.


    Bonty Jones ACX – all year


    I usually have red ones as they are the fastest but might change to some brown ones to hide the mud……….


    I take a pair of winter tyres with me on every ride in case the weather turns; you can't be too careful. 🙄

    Premier Icon Radioman

    Same tyres all year round for trail riding…Fat Albert 2.35. I find mud tyres rotten for cornering when the trails do dry out and i cant be bothered with the hassle of changing..

    Conti Mountain King Protection 2.4's all year round, because I cant be arsed pissing about with tyres, I just lower the pressure if I need more grip. 8)

    Premier Icon ton

    a am going back to conti verts all year round, sick to death of trying differant tyres, and finding they all are really the same.

    small block eights came off tonight. Spesh enduro pros 2.3 back on. Big, bouncy, comfy, seem to do the job for most of the winter. I have some conti Fire XC 1.8 for somme-like days, but TBH they only seem to see the light of day at Mayhem.


    best to find a couple of locals round your way and ask them. Your mud may be different from my mud (seriously!). For example, many people rave about trailrakers but they just don't seem to work well on anything much round here. However lots of locals round my way use Bontrager mud x's and spesh storm control or captain. I am sure there will be trails where these tyres are less great though (I can't imagine mud x's lasting long in yorkshire grit for example…)

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)

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