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  • What to do within about an hour of St Malo?
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    Have a wander along the prom at Dinard.


    Doss about on the beach at St Lunaire.

    Have some lunch at St Briac – there’s a nice view.

    Sit outside the tabac in St Briac and have a coffee – if you want a croissant you need to go to the baker’s across the square.

    Have a wander around St Malo. The old town is lovely and there’s an old fort you can wander up to. If you’re feeling rich you can pay €5 a head to look around it.

    Didn’t really get Dinard…

    Don’t go to St Breiuc.

    Dinan, just inland, is a rather lovely town.

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    Head to Mt St Michel and have a wander around.
    Oh, and eat Moule Frites..


    Stay in Malo, it’s fab or pop over to Dinan the Mediaeval town and walk around to the Church in the valley and miander the streets.. Or Dinard, play on the beach and walk around the front either right towards the harbour and Yacht Club Dinard ( my second favorite clubs/locations) or go left and around the rocky outcrop to some secluded beaches.
    Mt St Mich is too far..
    But here’s loads to do in Malo.


    Thanks All 🙂


    We’re going to be staying with my Mum and Grandma just outside St Malo next week and will have a 3month old Baby. Can anyone recommend anything within about an hour that will be good for Mrs E and me and is also pram (and potentially old person) friendly? I’m sure my Mum has some things planned, but it would be nice for some recommendations as well. Thanks.

    PS, my wife and Mum get on really well so the new mum/mother-in-law relationship isn’t an issue (unlike the new mum/mother relationship)!


    Mont St Michel is not pram friendly but well worth an explore. Old St Malo is great, love it, definety worth experiencing, if you like Moules Frites there some fantastic places and the prices have got a bit more reasonable in the last few years. If you like ice cream head to Sanchez.

    St Malo aquarium is worth a visit just for the shark tank.


    I think we’ll probably leave Mont St Michel until mini-E is a bit older and doesn’t require a pram/pushchair.

    We’re now really looking forward to the chilled out coffees, aimless wandering ( especially as mini-E sleeps better while on the move in the pram!) and Moules Frites.


    Dinan is indeed well worth a visit, it like being on a medieval film set. We’ve just had our first holiday in Brittany and we’re already planning the next one.

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