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  • What speed on a road bike?
  • Well I can get up to 52 going down crowcombe on the road bike and you've seen my mtb skills, im not the fittest out there!


    Sprint finishes – 40mph/45mph +

    Average speeds usually around 25mph +/-

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    Max sustained speed on the flat? Max flat out in a sprint? Max going down a hill?


    As this is for educational purposes I think you need referenced information rather than a few random opinions….


    The official site (sorry dont have links) will Im sure give you metres climbed, and wiil defo give you average speed i.e. times to certain points on the route. They may have some info packs etc available?


    balls, im slower than i thought…. 😯

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    No idea about the total climbing, but there are profile maps on the Tour of Britain website. You could roughly estimate from them.

    On the tour max speeds will be up in the 80kph range, and stages will be at 35-45kph average, rider will burn something like 8,000Kcals a day I'd have thought.

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    Thanks all (lol @ Charlie)
    There is a downloadable info pack and I have had a good explore on the website but not much info of height climbed other than the profiles which could take a while…

    Total distance is 1201km

    We are not talking a super accurate here folks ~ this is for a display in a primary school to whet children's appetites with some outrageous facts.

    40kmph seems a good average from what I have read too

    Thinking of something like:

    * 8 days
    * 166 riders
    * 17 teams
    * 96,00 Euro prize money
    * 1201km
    * average speeds of 40 kmph
    * max speeds of…
    * around 8000 Kilocalories burned per day


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    Just trying to put together a display for the Tour of Britain at school and putting together a few stats…

    Does anyone know:
    – The total climbing for the tour?
    – What a max realistic speed someone might get on a road bike?
    – A rough average speed for road riding?
    – How many calories someone might burn on an average day on the tour?

    Many thanks in advance to the collective STW knowledge…


    Tell them the riders go as fast as a car!

    Job done, staff room for a fag.

    Why not take them on a field trip to see a sprint finish? Maybe push one of the kiddies that you don't like out into the peleton to give him a real taste of the speed they go? 😉

    Oh, fastest I've had was 55mph down a local 25% hill. I think I could break 60 if I sprint into it, but I've given myself the fear. Tarmac interface at that speed in two bits of lycra may sting a bit.

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    I thought I did well yesterday afternoon @ 50.8mph…


    cancellara hit 100 kph in this years tdf

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    You can download the actual race manual from here:

    It doesn't list the amount of climbing but does give all the distances and expected times of arrival, you can work the average speed out from that but 25mph is a good guideline.
    As mentioned, see if you can tget to a race finish somewhere, there's the event village with freebies etc and it's a good atmosphere.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    I have the actual race manual…

    Can't get to the finish unfortunately but we will be along the route to cheer on the riders ~ the perks of being a teacher eh 😉

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