what rimstrip for Flow EX – same as normal Flow?

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  • what rimstrip for Flow EX – same as normal Flow?
  • reggiegasket

    Just bough a Flow EX rim/wheel and was wondering whther the std Flow rimstrip is okay to use on the wider Flow EX rim. Anyone tried it?

    I’m happy to just tape the rim up and run tubeless that way but I find the rimstrip approach is generally more reliable when using non-UST tyres.


    doesn’t flow EX have the new generation bead socket? I think it is supposed to me more reliable than the old one. might be worth giving the yellow tape another go.

    as to your original question though….sorry, don’t know.

    Yup, as well as being wider, the EX has larger diameter bench (internal flats) and new bead socket to better hold the tyre.

    They are wider internally so I suspect the Flow rimstrip would not function properly, if at all, due to the tyre beads seating wider.

    I just set up my EX tubless with yellow tape and tubeless ready Hans Dampf – tyres were easier to seat, sealed better than Flows (Flows needed compressor, these went with track pump) and no burping issues on the first ride despite pushing quite hard at slightly lower pressures.


    Ta. I’ll just tape them up then – lighter that way too.

    What tyres? I reckon tape will be OK.

    They ride nicely too, the extra width gives a great tyre profile.


    Standard Flows only ever needed tape as well though?


    Do you find fitting tires to the flow ex’s a nightmare? Because I do!

    Standard Flows could be run with just tape but a rimstrip allowed harder riding at lower pressures, especially on non UST tyre, and no burping.

    Tyres fitted easily to my Flow EX by hand, no levers. Depends on tyre though.


    Never had a problem getting tyres on old Flows. Dual ply/single ply/LUST Maxxis.
    No problem on Flow EX either so far. Dual ply 2.5″ Maxxis.
    Both went on by hand and inflated with track pump.

    Yellow tape & valve only in both cases.


    It’s going to be on the front with a Maxxis HR2 2.4 EXO.

    I’ve run the old Flows in the past with just tape but did get occasional blow-offs (?) with std tyres, as the rim wall isn’t very high, so found the rimstrip approach more reliable.

    I’ll give it a go with just the tape and see how that works.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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