what is a fatbike actually like to own/ride?

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  • what is a fatbike actually like to own/ride?
  • racefaceec90

    have seen a fair few threads on here about them.they do seem pretty interesting,but was wondering what they are like to ride?

    are they a lot more cumbersome to ride,how do they cope with wet chalk/clay also?

    as we don’t have much snow in the south west of the uk,is it just overkill?

    what is the attraction for you?

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    More smiles per mile.

    Get one test rode, plenty of locals will have them now, just let us know which county you’re in and you’ll sure to get a Fat Bikers saying “here try mine”.


    one thing I keep thinking is if you get a puncture you’d be there all night pumping the bugger up.


    I rode one once, a Surly, a few years ago when they were still niche. It was one of only 2 bikes Ive ever ridden that I couldn’t wait to get off. God awful heap of shite it was. I can see why it would be good on snow or sand, as intended, but otherwise, utterly hopeless.

    Premier Icon Davesport

    I’ve had my Pug for two years. It’s one of the most rounded bikes I own. It’s one of those bikes that makes me smile every time I hit the trails down to the beach. I’ve ridden it everywhere I’d ride my other bikes including a few trail centres. Downsides for me are it’s a wee bit heavier than I’d like & the Larry tyres are useless on slick mud & clay. They tend to skate over the stuff especially if its off camber. There are better tyres (Nates) for conditions like this.

    There are over forty miles of lovely coastline round here. A fatbike’s essential !

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    I rode one once a Salsa , a few years ago when they were still niche. Brilliant fun to ride – made me smile the whole ride . 😆


    They do require more energy to move esp uphill, but I can live with that given how nice they ride everywhere else.


    I’m interested in how they are nicer to ride than a normal bike with suspension. What’s the benefit and how does it present itself?

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    @ PP.

    They’re like a rigid bike but funnerer 8)

    Ride and forget – simple wash down and no suspension to ficker about with.

    It’s the only bike I’ve managed to ride all the uphill sections on the Degla black (weight at the front end helps, along with massive traction). Ridden other teccy stuff down, like Jacob’s Ladder (Peak) and Lee Quarry black so they won’t hold you back but you may be a tad quicker on full suss.

    Mine’s a Fatty and you do start to feel the weight after three hours. Bit draggy on tarmac and atrocious in mud but otherwise good fun 🙂


    For me, its another bike I can choose to ride (always a good thing) and it is bags and bags of fun. I know that’s not very helpful as it is an entirely subjective view so here are some objective points.

    Grip. Simply stacks of it. I have an On One Fatty with their own ‘floater’ tyres. At almost every point where your MTB brain says “here comes a slide” the Floaters just dig in and drive on. Its an amazing feeling when you are getting away with silly cambered stuff and rooty rooty trails that would have your 140 trail bike slip sliding away.

    A floaty ride. My hardcore enduro racing mate (29th at the Ae enduro yesterday- he has credentials!) jumped aboard and remarked immediately that it felt like riding on a cushion of air (because you are!) And would buy one if he had the cash.

    They are great everywhere* with the notable exception of the new Paved sections on Ilkley moor. Where they suck. But so does everybike.

    Anyone who thinks they are crap has no grease left in their soul and needs a service.


    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    I fell for the hype and bought a Fatty.
    Once the novelty had worn off after a couple of weeks or so I realised that it was a bit shit, sold it and went back to my rigid SS.

    To me, they’re rubbish, but as ever it’s horses for courses and some people will love them and some will hate them as with anything.

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