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  • Tom_W1987

    Anything that is lock on…….forget the rest.

    Really….because my wired on Renthal grips are just as secure as lock ons…and damp vibrations better than their own brand of lock ons….because theres more rubber to them as they have no inner plastic tube.

    With shifters and brakes that can be removed without taking the grips off, why then should I bother with lock ons?

    Does anyone use a form of lock ons for motocross btw? The answer is a big fat no, lock ons are just for lazy people.


    ODI Ruffians are absolute classique – last for ages, lock on, grippy choice of colour pimpage but pricey.

    Have tried the superstar efforts both thick and normal. Thick are well just that, insert grappling with extra girth joke in here. Normal are ok but they do wear out. Current ones on my PA looking in a sorry state after less than a year. But they are cheap so I guess you could lifecycle cost 3-4 superstars to 2 sets of ruffians and still come out up enough for a fish supper. Tricky to call.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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