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  • What fork for the new Dialled Alpine?
  • winch

    I’m looking at RCT3 revs and 2012 rlc 140 floats, any other suggestions below £500?

    X-Fusion Slants seem to get good reviews and are much cheaper than either the revs or floats


    I’ve just gone form 32’s to Lyriks on my Alpine and the difference is night and day.

    Depends what you’re using it for obviously, but I found the Alpine a wee bit wasted on a flexy(ish) fork.


    I am tempted by a burlier fork, I’m 95-100kg geared up and ride fairly aggressively I’d say. Thanks for the tip off on the Slant harrypb, does look like a very strong contender. I’m just a bit concerned about the lack of low speed compression adjustment.

    Any other suggestions?


    Im thinking a fox 34 float or talas but these may go over your budget.I currently have a sector rl dual pos on my current alpine and like having the ability to lower the front end on long climbs.Keep us posted on what you decide.I’d also like to hear what other riders are going to run on thiers.

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    Just got the 160mm 34’s (Float FIT CTD Kashima) The feel good bit linear so far – they have the trail adjust so I’ moving to more LSC currently – not enough rides to tell yet. There is a service mod of adding more Float Fluid to 1 leg to make them more progressive.

    Stiffness is very good, feels as good as a 36 in 90% of riding and way better than the 32. Unless your planning to use it as a Mini DH Bike then the 34’s are probably stiff enough.

    You can space the float to 160/150/140.


    Can’t justify the Fox 34’s. It just seems like a crazy amount of money for a suspension fork. The new Pike might be nice but is probably too much travel really and again, silly money. Wish I could try some slants before I plum for them!


    The Slants are reviewed in the latest STW 83 and get a big thumbs up.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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