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  • What do you call your bike?
  • pitduck

    sus is called Babs (all of them) hard-tails always Dave. probably the drugs 😳


    Race bike/ The Yeti
    DH bike/ the Marin/ white bike
    Saracen/ the hardtail/ spare bike
    The singlespeed (sometimes gets called Claude but this allowed as it is a Claude Butler)
    Road bike
    Time-trial bike

    Had a different Marin before the Yeti, this was also known as Race bike or sometimes the grey Marin

    GF is more imaginative and has
    Suzy (Specialized Stumpy)
    Bertha (Dawes HT of some sort)
    Bridget (Dawes road bike)
    Poo-bike (Halfords special hack bike)

    But then she even gives her cars names (Bella and Izzy so far, both Aygos)

    My cars have been
    The Tardis (Proton Persona, surprisingly large boot)
    The rust bucket (Peugeot 306)
    The Repmobile (Mondeo, which the GF called Percy for some reason)
    The Toyota (Toyota Corrolla)
    The Hyundai (Hyundai Trajet)

    I find that if ones names stuff ones gets attached to them and then upset when they break and have to be replaced, was rather sad to see Percy go.


    I know someone whose current bike is called Shadowfax 14

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    I've not read any of this thread but ny bikes are called
    the jones
    the gryphon
    the paradox
    the black sheep
    the cross bike
    the nomad
    the tandem.


    the santa cruz or the big bike
    the trek or the xc bike
    the roadbike

    pretty unimaginative – perhaps i need to get another so i can give it a better name? I'm thinking perhaps Fairy the Niner Air 9 Carbon might be good for the summer.

    west kipper

    I've decided to call my Litespeed 'Thatcher'
    … because its broken and in a box, just like I wish she was. 😈

    rusty trowel

    nothing, it's a bike


    My SS is called Mary because it's a Haro Mary.


    The "blue one" or "the good bike" and " the yellow one" or " the commuter"


    My wife calls my sc nomad "the bitch".She is convinced i'm having an affair with it.Mind you,i am riding my bike more than her. 😈


    The manufacturer had already put names on mine so that's what they're called,Trance,Inbred etc…
    Only girls name things – :fact:
    or blokes in denial – nuvva :fact:


    my soloist's usual name – get up that hill u bitch


    My wife calls my sc nomad "the bitch".She is convinced i'm having an affair with it.Mind you,i am riding my bike more than her


    Premier Icon iain1775

    Titanium hardtail is called – Tit
    Commencal Meta is called – Cock (the wife christened it – 'are you going for a ride on your Cock?)

    Premier Icon 0range5

    It's fine for girls to name their bikes, but it's actually just been made illegal for blokes to name their bikes …or cars, or worst of all their motorbike.


    cynic-al – Member
    Each to their own 'n' all that but giving your bike a name is nearly as gay as having your name on it.

    We must be in a gay sport then, since almost all the top echelon have their names on their bikes.

    My name was put on mine by the GB Squad when they came to Beijing for the Olympics, doesn't make me gay does it?

    Premier Icon EdwardH

    Mine are

    The red one
    The silver one

    Or the broken one – which can be interchangable

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