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  • what are you up to?
  • Off to Fort Willy for the SSDT. Lampkin’s up for his 7th win & Steve Peat’s riding too.
    The weather will probly be crap though, usually is!

    Premier Icon offthebrakes

    About to ride from one end of Hampshire to the other, then across the Isle Of Wight to Ventnor.

    Weekend of sun, sea and maybe a beer or two, with a wedding thrown in tomorrow morning (not mine!) 🙂


    Swimming with my girls then Parent’s gaff tmro, solo ride Sunday, then clean windows and some plastering Monday.

    With a bit of luck will have my speech finished too.


    beer festival 🙂


    BBQ, ride mountain bike, BBQ, ride motorbike, BBQ ride mountain bike……………


    Eldest son turns 16 – Thai meal with family tonight, house full of 16 yr olds tomorrow, big ride on Sunday followed by Henning Wehn gig at Buxton Opera House and Monday looks like another day in the saddle. 😀

    (may squeeze a bit of camper van fettling in ready for summer)


    oh and the beerfestival monday at the horns, datchworth 😀

    Camping too. Down on Purbeck. Taking the bike naturally. Hoping to get a ride around the hills with the missus for the first time in ages if friends can look after the baby for a few hours, if not I’m on me tod.

    And happy anniversary!


    Hoping that my forks and rear shock arrive back from their service so I can ride tomorrow!

    Family BBQ on Sunday so no riding for me, Monday I’m planning a longish (for me) road ride before reclaiming the garden.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Youngests 6th birthday today so party tomorrow with 15 maniacal kids full of fizzy pop and jelly. The in- laws on the wirral on Sunday so, weather permitting I’m going to do the 60 mile ride there and get the car back.

    Monday is earmarked for tackling the garden so it will probably be raining.


    Delightfully busy one here.

    Today I am collecting my new frame and a few bits that I’ll be fitting to it! Very very exciting, despite a round trip of 4-5 hours. More on the new frame/bike to follow as I build it over the next couple of weeks… Still waiting for many bits to arrive 😀

    Then tonight, travelling from Hants to Norfolk Broads with family Slack as the boat is going back into the water tomorrow, followed by river trip back to moorings, rigging her, putting everything back in and then hopefully off for a shakedown sail on Sunday and Monday.

    Good times and happy days


    Building some local trails.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing


    Cleaning the house and packing for Enduro 6


    Travelling to the Enduro 6


    Doing the Enduro 6


    Chillin and recovring from the Enduro 6


    8) Weekend @ SSUK in Swanage with added Cider 😀

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Cleaning up and recovering from the night before then going to work in the afternoon 🙁


    Saturday = Man shed construction (getting the roof joists up) and the door/window in.

    Sunday = Ride AM, going to a Christening lunchtime/PM

    Monday = Family Picnic for Eldest Daughters 6th birthday (party next Saturday)


    Ssuk, but no cider…..
    Laaggeeerrrr. And some fruity vodka.


    This weekend the wife and I are potty training our 2 year old girl, so my weekend will be mostly trying to coax no1s and no2s into a pink plastic potty. Apart from that I’ll be playing with her in the garden and night rides starting at 8 till 11 or 12, tonight, saturday and monday. 😀 also got some thatchers Katy (abv 7.7!) to sup afer rides. Yum.
    Have a good weekend all.


    this bank holiday?
    i’ll be camping at herts all weekend and its the 10year anniversary of herts shore 😀

    ride,beer,ride,beer 🙂


    SSUK with Charlie and a bunch of Breardie Weirdies (me included) down in deepest Purbeck.
    No Cider in sight, but lots of Beeers and flapjack.

    We will all be awsomnez 😆

    Enjoy the BHol you lot..


    Premier Icon portlyone

    I have four days to fill.

    Ride of some sort tomorrow; Watching Chelsea get hammered by the Champions on Sunday; Monday recovery; Tuesday movie marathon.

    Did I mention i have Tuesday off too?


    I’m on my way to be coached by someone called Tony Doyle. Have you heard of him? Just getting some lunch at Mimms services so should be there by about 10.15am. 😀

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Up to fort william tonight- lift opens tomorrow and we will be on it. Got me a completely unridden new bike to test and it seems like a nice forgiving environment to try it out 🙂

    On sunday, doing nothing whatsoever, and really looking forward to it. Back to work monday.

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