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  • darrimc30

    Does anyone have any experience of Webuyanycar.com or similar companies, I’m looking to sell my late fathers car and don’t really want to go through the tyre kicker scenario of a private ad although i appreciate i will get more, i took the car to were my dad had bought it from new and they basically offered an insulting offer for a car in great condition with only 12800 miles on it 3 years ago.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    They wouldn’t buy my car!

    Premier Icon jam bo

    they basically offered an insulting offer for a car in great condition

    you’ll probably get offered less from webuyanycar.


    Put the car details in here and you should get a reasonably objective view of value, but I suspect like most people you might need to adjust your view of what you think its worth.



    Sold my last car to them 10 weeks ago, got a good price. The did try to bat me down for stone chips at the branch by £200 but I refused and said I would leave unless they honoured the online quote. They did. Car went up for sale with a trader for £800 more a couple of weeks later so £400 margin each for Wbac and the trader. I thought that was ok

    Premier Icon Cougar

    The corollary to “we by any car”, I believe, is “so do I at that bloody price.”

    A dealer is unlikely to be hugely interested in a used car unless in part exchange for another, so you’re not going to get the best rates (though almost certainly still higher than WBAC.com). Your options are really either putting it up for private sale or taking the hit on an offensively low offer.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    I thought the scam with We Buy Any Car was to offer you a decent price on the web or over the phone, then ‘revise’ that offer steeply downwards when you’ve motored miles to do the deal.

    EDIT: Interested to see that DJglover managed to bat that one off.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    as the countries largest buyers of used cars they cant be all bad.. and everybody knows there name


    Used them before and it was okay. Dealer offered 2500 part ex (which was a pish take).

    WBAC offered 3500 online and knocked 100 quid off for some stone chips (I believe the get paid more the more the knock off at inspection time). I reckon the car was worth 3700-4000 private but I couldn’t be bothered with all the adverts and people coming round.

    Depends on if you want the hassle of selling it your self or not!

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    They are just a used car dealer, don’t let any thing else sway you otherwise. They aim to buy your car and sell it on at a profit just like a normal trade in. Offered me about the same as the trade in i was offered on my Seat, but I know they would have reduced it on inspection if the intermittent engine light fault had played up.

    A mate got in a tizzy about a low offer from them fir his high mileage C5 estate. They offered him a sensible trade in price, but that was well below what he eventually got selling it privately.


    Wife used them to get rid of her car in a hurry. Be as honest as possible when valuing online and you’ll get an honest price at the trade-in. She even got more than the online price as she’d mistyped the tax disc expiry.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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