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  • tang

    The washing up is done twice a day here. The rule that’s enforced is post supper. My wife insists the kitchen is sparkling every evening. The following morning the cycle starts again. In recent times this has all been much helped by a dishwasher and 3 children. If they ever complain, without fail, get the story of my duty as a child of 7 having to solo wash and dry for a family of 8 twice a week. Used to take ages. That along with wood processing duties,bins, dogs, hanging out washing unloading clay deliveries/packing kilns at dads pottery…hang on, my old man had it sorted!!

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    Having been in a shared house for the last 4 years one thing I can’t understand is the degrees of washing up I’ve seen.

    IMO it’s either clean or dirty, but some people have this shades of grey approach, do they think ‘it may still be a bit dirty, but at least now it’s clean dirt’? Je ne comprends pas.

    Also had a housemate who put stuff in the cupboards still wet which was always a nice surprise and another who used to put surgical gloves on underneath the marigolds.

    People are weird.

    Hob Nob

    Ours goes on when its full – Why can’t women load dishwashers? I can literally get 4 times the stuff in the dishwasher than my wife. They don’t seem to struggle fitting 100 pairs of shoes into a small wardrobe.

    Are you me?


    It tends to be c in my house. Mainly because my OH is in charge of the washing up and I’m not so bothered about it to spend my time nagging him. It tends to get done when he realises I don’t have anything clean left to cook with or serve it onto…


    Also had a housemate who put stuff in the cupboards still wet

    On more than one occasion I’ve picked up an upside down glass which has been put in the cupboard wet and been treated to a damp whiff of stagnant muck. House sharing certainly has its quirks.

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    My only experience of dishwashers is that the one at work has removed the design from my STW mug (irony?)…

    Wash up during cooking, finish post noshing.


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    Having had many lodgers and house shares over the years, I have observed the 90% rule in action. Everyone does 90% of their washing up. Overlooking approximately 10% of washing up created. After a couple of days, this mounts up until it impinges on my consciousness and I either mention or glower (techniques vary according to lodger) or crack and do all the oddments in one washing up spree.

    Even with just me and him, cafetieres seem to be invisible to the washer-upper, only to reappear when the next person goes to the sink…


    “don’t do the washing up, leave it till the morning and we’ll go in together!”

    “it is the morning, stand aside”

    I always remember as a student, we had to clear a section of worktop to make a sandwich due to no-body being arsed to do the washing up.


    A friend of mine who is a high end kitchen fitter has installed 2 dishwashers in some houses, you never have to empty them, use the clean plates from one as you go and put them into the other one when dirty, wash and repeat. Lazy huh.

    This is genius


    nothing winds me up like washing up

    best money I ever spent was buying a dishwasher


    Unfortunately I have to wash up before I eat my food, god knows why. I often check to see if I have forgotten anything 🙁
    During the day, if anything gets used it gets washed and put away there and then. Cannot stand anything grubby being left out.

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    See I think I’m lazy too .. so as someone said above I take the path of least resistance, but we have a tiny kitchen and don’t own a dishwasher (tho the missus swears blind there’s room for a slimline but I don’t want one)
    Path of least resistance .. wash it up as you go along during prep .. i.e. if you’ve chopped and waiting for stuff to boil then wash the board and knives straight away.
    Wash the rest as soon as you’ve finished eating before it ‘sets’as there’s less waiting for stuff to soak and/or scrubbing.

    + I like to wake up and make a coffee in a tidy kitchen then a messy one.

    The Missus and I have a deal. she cooks, I wash, but occasionally it goes the other way, and she leaves the washing up unless I moan usually just before bed, so she starts just as I’m trying to have a shower before bed 🙄

    Oh, and I’m not sure a dishwasher’s worth it. Maybe with a family of six but for 2 or 3 .. you still have to manually wash up so much. That and we’ve only got about 6 of everything so we’d have to go and buy more cutlery and crockery. And my experience of unloading my parents / in laws/ friends is that including drying the little bits of gathered water, and putting it all back nicely still takes as long as a quick load of washing up (if it had been fresh and ‘un-set’)


    I had been a firm beleiver that dishwashers were more hassle than their worth and it was easier just to wash up.

    We have been using the dishwasher a bit recently and actually, I think I’m beginning to change my mind. If we just have a little bit then I’ll just wash it up, but if there is a lot then dishwasher for sure. It’s also good because you can fill it up and put it on when we go out returning to clean crockery!!

    It does mean we have lost the use of the dishwasher as a cupboard though!!


    I dislike mess in the kitchen so the dishes are done after meal times usually by me
    I do find it kinda therapeutic ,the kids will pitch in when nagged ….


    New kitchen, dishwasher was soon deleted from list of appliances because
    Mrs Pingu does dishes and saw no need to get a new Mrs Pingu when the old one still works.Not sure when they are actually done and its slightly weird as occasionally she moans about them not being done but as we don’t have fairies I can only assume she does them sometime between meals.

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    A friend of mine who is a high end kitchen fitter has installed 2 dishwashers in some houses, you never have to empty them, use the clean plates from one as you go and put them into the other one when dirty, wash and repeat. Lazy huh.

    I really wanted to do this when we tarted up our kitchen – presidential veto 🙄


    I think that’s possible the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. My next kitchen upgrade will be a second dishwasher


    6-10 times a day by hand, by me.


    Washing Up???



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