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  • Premier Icon mick_r

    Family cycling mtbing 🙂

    Full suspension, 5″ rear travel with low c of g and extended wheelbase to get the balance right. Mk2 version planned sometime with some decent forks and a better head angle (this one was from 2007 – featured on STW front page prior to website hacking a few years ago).

    Bad Parent

    Premier Icon neilc1881

    Ordered a Kona Ute for family bike rides and mini tours, perhaps even local deliveries and the odd trip to the village shop. This is possibly the most excited I have been over a new bike in quite some time. I’m thinking of adding a Yepp Maxi for the youngest, and a stoker bar and foot pegs for the odd journey where the 6 year old jumps on board.
    I already have a trailer, but fancied something more practical on the canal towpath and narrow country roads. So let’s see your family cycling bikes. I’ll start with this, current one, the eldest can attach her bike to mine via a trailgator, which is a little on the long side with trailer as well!

    IMAG0970 by neil.d.cox, on Flickr

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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