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  • Premier Icon charliemort

    i think I have the following options

    1. Buy new wheels (prob Mavic 819 on Hope) – £265 at CRC, sell existing for about £150. So £115 ish
    2. Convert existing with Joe’s kit or similar – about £50
    3. “Ghetto” – about £15

    now, the questions.

    – If option 2 or 3, do you use tubeless or standard tyres, or doesn’t it matter? ie any advantage in using a tubeless tyre on a non tubeless rim?
    – if option 1, do you still need sealant? i assume you do
    – is there any functional advantage of 1 vs 2 or 3, or is it just the fact it should pump up easier?


    Premier Icon wwaswas

    always use sealant
    standard tyres are fine
    go for option 2


    Option 3
    Just finished doing a HR on a 719 – 15 minutes all in

    Premier Icon edd

    Very good advice, especially that 20″ Schwalbe presta inner tubes have removable valve cores…


    advantage of no.1 is its safer. less chance of air burps/rolling a tyre off, causing a crash. had loads of air burps using strips and have crashed as a result (not every time). switched to tubeless rims (mavic and stans) and problems became much less frequent, only occuring when i ran very low tyre pressure. i always use non ust tyres and sealant.


    option 4 cost about £1.75 (for both wheels) with stans sealant or less if you make your own super ghetto
    this is lighter than other tubeless systems also :mrgreen:


    @righty – Nice link mate. As a super cheapskate I am going to have to try the super ghetto method now. Have you used it yourself? Does it work well in your experience?


    ghetto’d a front wheel this afternoon. Had to use a CO2 canister to initially inflate but was v. easy.

    Premier Icon markyd

    I’d be inclined to always use UST tyres, certainly if you aren’t a light weight.

    I run 2 sets of 819s, as does my brother. I also run a set of bigger wheels with Stans, and whilst they’ve been fine, I’d changes to 823s if some came up second hand, just so I knew it was ‘proper’.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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