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  • Top Pink Floyd track?
  • DickBarton

    Division Bell – Poles Apart; A Great Day for Freedom; Take It Back; Coming Back to Life; Lost for Words and High Hopes.

    I really like the piano piece at the start of High Hopes…for some reason it always makes me smile.

    Actually that is almost the whole album!

    The Wall – Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1, The Happiest Days of Our Lives (I can imagine my old school head flying around the playing fields in a helicopter shouting at kids!); Pt. 2 (not as much as Pt. 1 though); Mother; Goodbye Blue Sky (the kid’s voice and then the guitar!); Hey You; Is There Anybody Out There?; Comfortably Numb.

    Not heard much of the other stuff, but I think I’ll go have a Pink Floyd revival on my ride today!


    is there anybody out there is probably my favourite (strange choice i know).

    I get that. It’s a lovely tiny little jewel of a song.

    Also, Echoes


    Freaky! Im still in bed and was singing time to myself before logging on to single track, then there was this thread!

    I’m gonna get up, have a shower and go and ride bikes with the gf now, possibly to the pub.


    Read “Inside Out” couple of years back – Nick Mason was still astounded that the BBC took “Arnold Lane” off the playlisting but kept “Walk On The Wildside” on it.


    Glad Echoes is proving so popular and here’s another vote for it. Also Shine on you Crazy Diamond and High Hopes


    Hard One:
    Comfortably Numb?
    Keep Talking?
    Wish You Were Here?
    What Do You Want From Me?
    A Great Gig in the Sky?
    Learning To Fly?

    Yeh, I can’t choose any one track…

    Favourite album is The Division Bell though.


    Two suns in the sunset …..

    Played Dead Loud when you’re on your own …. (as with most Floyd!)


    Bike, surely?


    the one that has that bird screeching over it

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Malvern Rider – Member

    the one that has that bird screeching over it

    The Great Gig In The Sky has been mentioned numerous times already. 🙄

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Not already mentioned

    Young Lust

    Run Like Hell

    just just too may to choose from


    Delicate Sound of Thunder live album. On the turning away, then Comfortably Numb when the glitter ball rises up and opens, stunning stuff. Think Dave Gilmour was at the height of his playing prowess back then.

    Wish You Were Here is my favourite of all – reminds me of some very very difficult teenage years wishing my dad was…still wonder how my life would have panned out if he was there. Now I listen to it and enjoy other pink floyd songs with my son 🙂




    smartay – Member
    Animals for me, probably Sheep

    I think you have the wrong forum.


    Sitting on top of the main lighting rig watching them perform Great Gig in the Sky at Nebworth whilst hitting 360’s with a mallet as they overheated was incredible.
    One of the only times Clare Torry sang it again.

    Premier Icon fruitbat

    Careful With That Axe Eugene

    Cirrus Minor

    Remember a Day


    Comfortably Numb etc……….


    Astronomy Domine from Ummagumma
    Summer 68
    Lucifer Sam
    One of these days…


    So difficult to choose. I guess Echoes, along with Shine On…
    Arnold Lane and See Emily Play have long been favourites, but there’s one track that popped up on 6Records a little while ago that I’d never heard before that I really fell for, from an album I’d never gotten around to listening to: Summer ’68, from Atom Heart Mother.

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