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  • these PITCH things…..a rant.
  • Premier Icon ton

    just got in from a trip to evans to look a the pitch pro.
    very very nice indeed.
    not too hefty, nice enough gear, needs a few bits changing to be ‘man proof’.
    price is ok too, price match as well.
    they had a large in, and a xl in too.
    when a bloke buys a xl he is usually a bit taller, longer in the leg than a bloke on a large.
    he needs the seat up a bit more, which in effect puts a bit more weight over the front end.
    why the **** is a steerer, and headtube the same height/lenghth on a large and xl.
    why not put a bigger fork steerer on a xl or have a longer head tube.


    Suck it up lurch.


    puting the seat up actually puts more weight over the rear not the front.
    And sky high bars handle shIt!! long steerer tubes are Ugly, weaker and just not needed.
    if you really like a sit-up-and-beg riding position simply fit a bar or stem with more rise. I’m sure any decent shop would switch them for you at point of sale.

    Premier Icon GrahamA

    I guess that this could be one of the areas where Spech’ saves a few pounds buy ordering x thousand stems and headtubes.

    Out of interest would dose anybody know just how Pitches they sell a year?

    Minish Man

    No having the seat up pushes your postition forward, whereas down pushes it backward. That’s why dhers have very low seatposts and high front ends.

    Premier Icon househusband

    I suspect that GW is also taking seat angle into consideration; an extended seatpost will bring the position of saddle back and thus the weight of the rider back too.

    Premier Icon steveh

    Minishman – Dhers have the lowest front ends they can! Hence a small but growing trend for flat wide bars.

    Your right about up = forwards tho.

    Premier Icon ton

    i thought i was correct.
    i sat on the large it felt okish
    i sat on the xl, it felt like i would go over the bars pretty easy.

    29rs feel good.


    Ta Andy.

    How’s you?

    FFS! DHers don’t sit down, the seat on a DH bike is only for controlling the bike with your thighs. and to cushion your torso/balls/arse in compressions.

    As HH has pointed out raising the saddle puts it further back, the bars remain in the same place, you lean forward more but your COG still moves rearward.


    Ton – from sitting on a bike not even vaguely set up for you? 🙄


    Size on mtbs is more about length of the top tube/front centre than it is about the seat tube.

    I can’t remember which brand it is that started the trend of using ‘reach’ and ‘stack’ as a more meaningful way of determining the size of an MTB frame, but it looks to be a good idea.

    Stack = draw a line perpendicular to the ground through the centre of the BB. The point at which it bisects the top tube is the stack.
    Reach = draw a line parallel to the ground, back from the top of the head tube until it bisects the line you drew for the stack measurement.

    I think this is correct – it’s more consistent than the usual methods, at least that’s the argument.

    The XL pitch must be ginormous. The wheelbase on the regular ones looks longer than a dh bike’s.

    They are probably a pretty fast bike to ride, but also a boring one?

    Premier Icon mboy

    Ton, haven’t you bought about 3 bikes already this year? Fair play to you, but leave some bikes in the shops for the rest of the population who might be your size, otherwise they won’t be able to get one as you’ve bought them all! 😉


    the seat on a DH bike is only for controlling the bike with your thighs

    I don’t think you want to be controlling the bike with anything other than hands and feet.. unless you’re into no-handers when jumping.

    Its a nut saver, and somewhere to sit when you get to the bottom of the trail (or when you get lazy).. otherwise.. there’s no reason to touch it 😉


    GW is correct, BearBack has no idea what he’s talking about. Try riding a bike without a saddle & post (not in a peverse way) down hill and you’ll realise just how much you use it with your thighs.


    doof_doof considering all the pro’s practice bike body separation, you should let them know this as it could speed them up loads and knock minutes off there times 🙄




    😆 Thats what they used to call my Dad (quietly) behind his back 😆

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Bearback him talk nonsense.

    Ton, no offence, but your requirements in terms of bicycles seem to be fairly exceptional, and your build, proportions and general scale do not seem to suit off the peg bicycles particularly well. You are the most obvious candidate for a custom made bike I have ever seen. Just get something made for you…


    Premier Icon brant

    >Just get something made for you…

    I’m working on it.

    Premier Icon ton

    i like brant… 8)


    enough of this nonsence!!

    I like jerky, when the hell is that going to be available? eh? eh? 😀


    Out of interest would dose anybody know just how Pitches they sell a year?

    I know Spesh UK now have none left until about September time, so there’s only the bikes already i stores left. If you want one, HURRY!
    (I did)

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    I’m with Ton on this one having very long legs.. My taller mate can’t even reach the bottom pedal stroke on my bike when I pull the saddle up for road type stuff.

    As such I need a fairly high saddle or my knees hit my elbows so it stands to reason my steerer is a tad longer and so a few spacers beneath the stem etc.

    Sadly bike shops don’t realise this.

    IMO its better to have a longer steerer anyway. At least the buyer can play about with the stem height and spacers above / below and then possibly take it back to have the steerer trimmed….

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