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  • jekkyl

    so all that sperm just sits there in your goolies all your life?! 😯

    cue trainspotting quote:

    I got baws like watermelons am tellin’ ya

    Premier Icon paulosoxo

    Apparently it’s reabsorbed. Whatever that means.


    Having a real hard time finding any decent meta-analysis on the the subject…found a couple so far but they seem to be remarkably lacking…at least in the databases I’m trawling.

    I’m a bit surprised tbh


    Guy at work had his done in october. He’s just been off for 8 weeks and is still off with an infected nut! Doc says if it can’t be fixed it will have to come off…

    You takes your chances but it ain’t for me no way.


    I begged the doctor to take pain away but leave the swelling 😉

    Premier Icon darrell


    the deed was done yesterday. It was perhaps the most uncomfortable experience in my pampered life. I now feel like i’ve been kicked in the nuts by the Hulk.


    Revisiting this thread as I had my consultation today and got my snip date. I had to put it back 6 weeks from when he wanted to do it because I have a riding trip to scotland planned. So a 12 week countdown until I get it done and I’m already having the piss taken out of my by colleagues.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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