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  • That thread about a bloke who cheated on a race?
  • Jamie

    Wasn’t that a triathlon?


    That’s it, thanks.


    Didn’t think he wanted to expose him…. a number of folks worked out who he was though.

    Not sure if anything happened/needed to happen.


    A while back someone posted about a club mate who had missed segments of a timed race and he was going to expose him. Can’t find it but keen to know what happened.


    A cycling pal of mine competed in a team relay event with some mates. In the running and swimming they were doing well and in with a podium chance until the last event, the cycling. Suddenly they plummeted from near the top to near the bottom. Baffled and disappointed, they headed to the pub to drown their sorrows. After sipping his pint the cyclist said: “Mind you, there was some cheating going on out there! I saw several people who only went round three times!”

    “Er, John,” replied one, “how may times did you go round?”

    “Four times of course!” came the reply.

    “John, you were only supposed to go round THREE times!”

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    loving that globalti!

    Premier Icon kcal

    🙂 🙂

    reverse of cheating — on one of the earlier 10 Under the Bens, apparently our trio were in with a podium chance (I didn’t know this). Some poor sap’s chain had bust on a long fire climb on my lap, so I stopped and lent them chain splitter and link. Apparently this caused us to drop to 4th, no podium finish, and I was dumped by my team-mates for the next year’s entry 🙂

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    What a dumb mistake! Last year I absolutely buried myself at the end of a cross country and nabbed a few places …only to find out I had another lap to do.

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    Seen loads of people do that – sprint past on the line, smug grin on their face, until you keep riding!


    A motorbike racer did that, started celebrating, got overtaken by half the field. 😀


    I did a road time 10mile TT earlier this year. First one i done realy enjoyed it but took a wrong turning. Got reported by the guy behind me to the offcial.I wasnt to bothered as it was only for fun.
    I was getting quizzed by the others as when they came over the line this bloke would tell them loudly as if I did something realy bad.
    Only on closer inspection my wrong turn added about 1/2mile he wasnt impressed I was over the bloody moon.
    I am going back next year do it properly this time. 😀

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    No Fuss events put a message on facebook appealing for a rider who was taking a generous shortcut at Relentless to contact them to explain himself.

    Strangely it is generating quite a considerable amount of Fuss.


    In last years ten under the ben my team mate managed a 6 mile detour, followed by about half the field, when some f***wit removed one of the direction markers.

    To be honest I have no idea how he didn’t work out his mistake before this, lack of tape, marshalls etc so perhaps he (and the rest of those that managed it) are the real f***wits..


    I thought this was going to be about herboldt cutting the course 🙂

    I don’t think anything will top Kesteven winning the fun race at lightwater laike in a pantomime cow suit complete with udders, and some carpet bagger getting the cow DQ’d because being on a tandem was an unfair advantage…


    Hesjedal celebrates Tour of Alberta stage win a lap too soon!


    Continuing the theme of celebrating too early, anyone remember this?



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