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  • Talk me out of spending my money!!!!!!!
  • Premier Icon oldfart

    Right currently my Hummer is wearing a pair of Hope XCs with Mavic 719 rims black hubs silver spokes and rims.New Marzocchi XC 600s in silver .Front brake is Mono Mini rear is Mini with non matching rotors.All working perfectly fine.So why have i got an itch i can’t scratch!!!!!Alternate between it’s fine as it is to i WANT black spokes and rims possibly Hope Hoops and matching brakes.Back me up here i DON’T NEED to splash the cash do i???? 👿

    Premier Icon nickc

    Don’t do it. I’ve just bought some Hope floating rotors for no reason at all, other than they look nice. I feel ever so slightly soiled now…

    They do look pretty damned good though.


    Just rebuild the wheels with black spokes…. £40.

    Premier Icon oldfart

    nickc thanks for that thats one in the no column!

    Premier Icon UK-FLATLANDER

    Don’t do the Black spoke thing, in my experience they “tarnish” over time.

    Premier Icon oldfart

    Peter rims are silver as well 😥


    Mavic 719s are really nice, tough and can fit 1.5-2.3″ tyres.

    Great rim for riding, lightish and trail burly.

    Oops sorry was I not to supposed to say they are nice rims.

    Mine are black too. Loverly.


    If you’ve got it, spend it.


    You’re fat, old and slow. The bike is way more capable than you’ll ever be so upgrading it it a waste of money.

    Hope that helps.


    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Build your own wheel to cut costs (maybe) but to also tick another box in the “service your own bike” section of things a man ought to be able to do.

    Sure I remember somewhere that black spokes are weaker then silver, but I can’t imagine why though.

    I have silver hubs, silver spokes and black rims and I think they look wicked. I’m certain the reverse (as you have) will look just as nice.

    Go out and spend it, we need you to spend us out of recession…..

    Premier Icon judderman

    Go to and order a pair of hope pro 3s with DT Swiss 4.2s with the new 3 point rotors all in black for under 400 sheckles and cheer all concerned up 🙂

    Premier Icon oldfart

    judderman whose side you on?no don’t answer that!

    i believe the artist had the purveyors of all things shiny when they drew this:

    it speaks of your pain oldfart

    Premier Icon timraven

    Nope won’t do it! Got to be black Hope Pro 2’s Silver spokes and Mavic 823 tubeless rims. Just did it myself…looks soooo good.

    While I was at it I went QR15 on the front too 😀

    Spend it, you can’t take it with you and apparently your helping the economy 😯

    Black Hope Pro IIs, silver spokes on black Mavic 721 rims.

    Now that is lovely.

    Premier Icon Tiboy

    I’d take your old wheels off your hands if you did change… not helping your cause I know, sorry

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Think of the economy…

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