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  • psychle

    Front tyre:
    Rear tyre:
    Type of riding:
    Your thoughts on said combo:

    cheers 8)


    On-one ti cx bike, 2x 32mm conti twister, cross racing / XC, pretty good.
    Winter hack road bike, 2 x 23mm conti 4 seasons, commuting, very good.

    Premier Icon Clink

    Ti 29er (rigid/ss)
    WTB Stout 2.35
    Bonty Mud X 2.0
    XC on Mendips
    Excellent in current conditions. Stout comfy rigid and lots of grip. Very heavy though. I run 2.4 RR in the Summer. Mud X first run today – grippy! Impressed. Probably run Bonty ACX in the summer.

    High roller
    Kenda nevagal
    Everything on dirt
    Does what it says on the tin.


    Bike: Cove Stiffee
    F: High roller 2.35 super tacky UST
    R: High roller 2.35 UST

    XC with some good natural rocky descents thrown in and trail centres (and some REALLY muddy DH if im feeling lazy)

    Love em, been running the same setup for a year now and dont really get on with anything else, not great in the mud 😉 bit draggy uphill but whats the rush?


    maxxis rendez

    Cannondale Rush
    2.35 LUST High roller F&R
    Peaks XC
    very pleased


    Bike: Prophet
    Front tyre: 2.35 nevegal dtc run as tubeless
    Rear tyre: as above
    Type of riding: Peaks so rocks and more rocks
    Your thoughts on said combo: Pretty good so far – not super grippy in mud but good enough


    Summer Bonty ACX on Motolite and Bonty Revolt Super X/XR Team on Maxlight.

    Just swapped over to Bonty Mud X today as well – spent most of the time on tarmac where they are also grippy, but not too draggy.

    Premier Icon Suggsey

    Full suss front Maxxis Minnion DHF (kevlar bead) 2.35 and rear Maxxis Minnion DHR (kevlar bead) 2.35 riding rocky day rides/big descents ie Snowdon or Peaks.
    H/T front and rear WTB Weirwolf Race with DNA rubber in 2.35 and Aramid bead.Any rides that arent too extreme with too big drops/jumps.
    S/S WTB Weiwolfs in 2.1 wire bead-riding on flatter muddier rides or local loops or slow commutes.
    Road bike 25c Michelin Carbon Krylon folders for big miles road rides and regular commute.


    Bike: Orange 5 Pro 09
    Front tyre: Maxxis Minion DHF 2.35 60a Single Ply
    Rear tyre: Maxxis Minion DHR 2.35 60a Single Ply
    Type of riding: XC, South Wales trail centres, Brecons, Cardiff local trains
    Your thoughts on said combo: Very happy, since I've put them on, haven't really thought about them, and I guess that's a pretty good sign. Plenty of grip in all conditions ridden so far (dry, rocks and roots [wet and dry], torrential rain, grass, mud).


    Rocket Rons
    Little Alberts

    All ok round Swinley/Thetford/N Downs at the moment. The Alberts are brilliant.


    Premier Icon nickc

    Mountain bike: Chameleon. Ride everywhere; Chilterns mud, south wales trails, peaks grit.

    Nobby Nic UST 2.1 front and rear. Not bad as a GP all round tyre. Pressure sensitive.

    Road bike: Continental Sport Ultra…it's winter, don't care as long as they stay up

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    on one scandal no-sus, SS mudbike
    trailraker tubeless rear
    mud-x tubeless front
    type of riding: soon to be fully submerged, 2hrs a week nightriding
    thoughts: it's forward motion rather than cornering grip I'm after & they're pretty good. failed on the slippy off-camber roots last time out, but that's about 100yds max during a ride


    Bike – Merlin Malt 1
    Tyres – Ritchey Z-Max 1.95
    Type of riding – Road, cycle tracks – nothing too taxing!
    Verdict – Perfectly adequate


    Bike: Van Nicholas Zion
    Front tyre: Conti Speed King Supersonic 2.1
    Rear tyre: Conti Speed King Supersonic 2.1
    Type of riding: General XC, mud, roots
    Your thoughts on said combo: Lots of grip, plus very light and fast.

    Bike: Giant XTC Carbon \ Kona Hei Hei
    Front: Bonty Jones Mud X 1.8 with tubes \ Nobby nic 2.1 tubeless
    Rear: Bonty Jones Mud X 1.8 with tubes \ Nobby nic 2.1 tubeless
    Riding: General Trail and XC – Bonty tyres are fantastic. Very good in most things, clear well and are very dependable. Nobby's are great until it gets too gloopy


    Bike: Marin Rock Springs 08
    Front tyre: Kenda Small Block Eight
    Rear tyre: Kenda Small Block Eight
    Type of riding: Waiting for drier weather
    Your thoughts on said combo:

    Surprisingly good for three seasons of the year and can be inflated hard enough to commute on.


    Santa Cruz Nomad

    High Roller 2.35 Kevlar MaxxPro both ends. Running tubeless with Stans

    Riding is Peaks XC

    Like them. Predictable, grippy and reliable

    B=Kona Pine Mountain
    F=Cinder 2.25
    R=Ditto 2.1
    S=mostly XC
    O=ok-ish, I guess


    Pace 303
    Nobby Nic UST 2.25 EVO
    Racing Ralph UST 2.25 EVO
    mostly XC and trail riding (Dalby red last week for example)
    Best tyres ive ever used, if you can work traction well and move about on the bike, can be persuaded to grip in any conditions. A true all year pairing.



    Front 1.8 mud X
    Rear 2.1 Trailraker
    Both tubeless.
    Ride everything except scary stuff.


    old speccy enduro f and panaracer worn out thing on the back
    on the hummer

    for mtbing


    Orange five with minions 2.35 front 42a rear 60a

    I find them a grippy, tough and predictable in all conditions, including the mud we've got now. Was going to change for swampthings this winter but keeping these on now.
    They are a bit draggy but I'm happy to sacrifice this for the above good points. Can keep this tyre on all year round.


    Orange P7
    XC type riding
    front and rear Panaracer fire xc pro 2.1"
    I get on with these tyres and have used them for years , find them very predictable in most conditions.

    GT Ruckus I-drive
    gravity assisted riding
    front Kenda Blue groove stick-e 2.5
    rear Kenda Nevegal stick-e 2.5
    These are on still cos I can't be arsed switching them for my 2.35 swampthings but they still hook up well in most stuff.


    Orange 5 with 2.35 High Roller 2-ply Super tacky on the front and Minion DHF Maxxpro on the rear.

    South Bristol, Mendips,Quantocks, Exmoor and South Wales are my normal trails.

    Front tyre is abit heavy (unsurprisingly) but stupidly grippy on mud,rocks and roots. Minion is okay on the rear but not as good as i'd hoped TBH.

    Both run ghetto tubeless too.


    Tracer VP
    XC on rocky / rooty trails
    2.35 Highroller LUST

    They feel ok, but lacking grip on really wet conditions. I've ordered supertacky Minions to experiment.

    Bike: On-One Inbred
    Front tyre: Vertical Pro 2.3
    Rear tyre: Bonty Mud-X
    Type of riding: Scottish Borders and Pentland hills XC, very muddy, wet and hilly.
    Your thoughts on said combo: Been running this setup for two winters. The Vert handles the front well but need extra traction in the gloop for the rear, hence the Mud-X. Mud-X gets swapped out for another Vert Pro if going to trail centres.

    Premier Icon Dave E

    P7 – Wyre Forest
    Mud X 2.0 Winter
    Cinders 2.25 rest of the year.

    Five – Trail centres
    Kenda BG front
    Kenda Nev rear

    Hob Nob

    Empire Ap-1.

    Maxxis 2.5 ST Wetscreams. It's muddy as hell out there.


    Bike: Giant Faith
    Front tyre: WTB Timberwolf 2.5 dual ply
    Rear tyre: WTB Timberwolf 2.5 dual ply
    Type of riding: downhill and drops.
    Your thoughts on said combo: Heavy but are a nice pair for the trails I ride, seem to be a decent compromise for all types of terrain. Just don't expect to climb fast with them!

    Bike: GT Avalanche
    Front tyre: IRC Backcountry 2.3
    Rear tyre: IRC Backcountry 2.3
    Type of riding: Trail centre/xc type stuff
    Your thoughts on said combo: Nice fast rolling tyres and enough grip for most conditions, although get a little skaty in mud.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    bonty xr 29er front maxxis crossmark 29er rear,seemed ok in the gloop despite the 'summer' tread for everything coz i'm too lazy to swap

    Premier Icon Skippy

    Front: Blue Groove
    Rear: Nevegal

    Good all round combination, not the best in mud but seem to do OK for other conditions and don't want to keep changing tyres.


    Bike:Dialled P.A.
    Rear :Black,round,inflated.
    Type of riding:Anywhere,various conditions.


    Premier Icon Radioman

    I have done most of my trail riding over the last few years on Schwalbe Fat Albert 2.35s. Schwalbe have discontinued the 2.35 & replaced them with either a 2.4 or a 2.25 I believe. I read that the new version also has a poor compound. It's a shame as the Fat Albert 2.35 has been my "best ever" all round tyre. I don't change tyres for different seasons.

    Im Replacing them when they wear out with Maxis Minion 2.35 DHF single ply both front and rear. They seem a great tyre.


    I am a serial tyre swapper depending on bike and conditions.

    My collection of tyres goes from Conti speed king supersonics to conti spike claw with detours to such things as edges, gazzalodis and wet screams along the way.


    Gary Fisher 29er
    Racing Ralphs F+R fat size
    On bridleways and such they're great but I find the front very slippy on man made trails, but that could be a lack of confidence on my part.


    Santa Cruz Nomad

    Maxis Minions 2.35 Front

    Maxis High Roller 2.35 Rear

    Riding is local singletrack, Welsh trail centres

    Very nice downhill – love the ability to let the back end drift before pulling back. Bit draggy on the flat and uphill but who cares 🙂


    Winter bike: Medusa 2.1 front
    nevegal 2.1 rear


    Boardman Pro HT
    Front – some sort of old, fat Tioga
    Rear – No idea – maybe a Scott? Do they even make tyres? Can you tell I don't care? 🙂

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