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  • Stupid woman driving stupidly – help!
  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Yeah yeah wimminz shouldn’t be allowed on the road.

    Sounds like your not even safe off the road!

    Pics of the damage would help (no we wont laugh) depends on how old the car is and what you plan to do with it. There are plenty of people doing pain touch ups just depends how much it’s worth to you.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    No – stay on the driveway where its safe (for me :P)


    Get someone to do a touch up job (ooo-errr) and pay them yourself.

    The guys who advertise in local papers are usually not bad at all and pretty cheap.

    If you tell the insurance company they’ll identify it as a claim and you’ll end up paying for it.

    Or just leave it.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Thanks! 😀

    Agree about insurance company so will get some quotes locally.

    Oh and I’m not safe on a bike either. 😆

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    Even if you don’t claim, I think that you are obliged to inform your insurance company. B careful not to invalidate your insurance.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Chips-away places are supposed to be excellent. Need to take mine in at some point thanks to some lovely people in car parks and my wonderful daughter dragging her bike down the side of the car. Oh how I laughed.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    I’d go to a couple of bodyshops and get a quote. Then look at your excess and try to figure out how much your insurance would go up with a claim (got protected NCB?)

    Unless you ran the wall over destroying half your car 😆 it’s probably best just to pay up yourself.


    If it’s just a scratch, a fix will almost certainly cost less than your excess, plus if you claim you’ll lose your NCD, and have to declare it every time you apply for insurance for the next 5 years which may affect the price.


    My wife did this, and just as I was about to get it fixed, she smacked the same bit of the car again. So I moved the wall to avoid the problem and waited until that was done before fixing the car.

    As I was about to do so, she managed to smack the same bit of the car, but not at our house. I’ve since never got round to fixing the damage as she couldn’t say when she could do without the car for a couple of days. She seems to live with the scrapes quite happily.


    Unless the damage is more that a scrape we tend to leave it or touch it up ourselves. Depends how much you like having your car really pristine.

    In terms of insurance – if you claim it will go up loads, protected no claims or not, as you individual risk will have increased. So I’d think carefully before you claim.


    Think of it as adding character to the car. Do nothing.

    *hand goes up*

    Done this myself a couple of times. Awkward garage drive with a low wall, on a sharp slope, which has to be reversed on to.

    Why not have a crack at repairing the damage yourself? (plenty of ‘how to’ clips on youtube for guidance etc)


    … just for a bit of balance, it’s me,not ms OD, that usually scrapes the car/van/motorhome/bike …


    cinnamon_girl – Member

    Yep, hit the brick wall and have taken the paint off.

    just repaint the paint the wall


    Pics of the damage would help

    It’s the wall I’d be worried about…


    Reversed onto driveway as I normally do

    Glad to hear that CG (but not the damage bit, obviously).
    It’s the people who draw in and reverse out that do my head in.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Reversed onto driveway as I normally do, not much room due to brick walls either side.

    Yep, hit the brick wall and have taken the paint off. 🙁

    What to do? Insurance or just leave it?

    Yeah yeah wimminz shouldn’t be allowed on the road. 🙂

    You’ve reminded me that I need to get a quote for the creased and scuffed side door on my van that was a result of Wifey’s best friend’s parking when she came to stay. She only realised she’d done it when she got home and found paint on her bumper!

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