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  • Strathpuffer 2010 and all this snow
  • TandemJeremy

    It must have been a lot more than 6 miles. After all It was taking me 1.20 – 1.40 for a lap – and I was riding some of it 🙂


    jo told me her computer said 7m ….

    im sure i got the summer puffer to be about 12kms – and this course was longer wasnt it !


    Course was 7.1 miles IIRC.


    29erKeith – Member
    I should have some photos posted tonight (on flickr)
    free for anyone to have
    So if you had your photo taken coming down the final hill 50m up from the steps
    during the first lap or two, or at dawn, feel free to have a look.

    I'll post a link once they're up

    I'm looking forward to it.

    Anyone know who was at the corner of the icy section before you come into the trees at the end. I was caught on camera on my last lap (must have been at about the 24hr mark) doing a great bit of speedway footdown cornering on the ice. Would really like a copy of the picture.


    Here they are

    Free Strathpuffer Pics 2010

    Got quite a few people but certainly not all, a lot were binned (out of focus mainly)
    If there's a pic on there you like and want a high res copy just drop me an email an I'll email it
    They're 5-6MB each btw, Flickr upload was struggling with those so I sized 'em down a bit

    feel free to post the link on any other mtb forum you know's got Puffer entrants on

    I'm new to SLR photography and am no SBF Yet!
    but I'm pleased with some of the Shots, others not so, but still learning
    There's no post precessing on any of them btw, as I have even less idea what I'm doing there.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Great pics Keith.

    Keith those pics are brill! Well done and thanks it's good to see all the other bits of the course again!

    Premier Icon A lonely puffer

    The Puffer is on The Adventure Show on BBC 2 Scotland this coming sunday evening at 7pm. It's Scotland only on the tele apparently, but it'll be on the iPlayer for 7 days across the UK afterwards

Viewing 8 posts - 401 through 408 (of 408 total)

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