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  • DT78

    Take a look at Asgard sheds


    Any specific one’s? or are they much the same security wise? I cant seem to see the difference between the ones described as bike or motorcycle sheds and the normal ones, except a hike in price.


    The bike specific ones get good reviews, I presume more secure. I don’t own one, just been eyeing them up for sometime…


    Can anyone recommend any outside secure storage solutions? Something to keep 3 bikes, a bit of garden stuff and some fishing gear in? Probably with a maximum footprint of 8ft by 8ft. Its not something that I would be willing (or able) to build myself, so something off the shelf.



    Try this Asgard shed…

    Delivery leadtime is about 4 weeks, and you’ll need a decent based to put the shed on. I ended up using concrete.

    Needs two persons to assemble, but easily done in 1/2 day. You’ll need a decent electric screw driver, using a normal screw driver will take you all day.

    I looked at other sheds but nothing else is as good unless on the market. Don’t bother with B&Q or Homebase.

    Shed does not come with shelving or hooks, these are at extra cost.


    I wouldn’t put owt in a shed bar paint tins and a few inexpensive garden tools etc

    If I really had to I would line it with steel concrete reinforcement stuff welded together and a door with loads of security

    Plus a concreted block with ring in the floor to lock stuff too but all this would probably be cost prohibitive

    fatsimon mk2

    mattzzzzz i think what your discribing is called a garage 😀

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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