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  • DrP

    I’m in the process of helping set up a business venture for the other half – website and business cards sorted, but getting a friend (graphic designer) to help out with fliers.
    I’m after some hi res images of ‘pretty women’ (this sounds dodgy…..!) and have been looking at shutterstock which seems reasonable at £29 for 5 images.

    I just thought I’d ask here if there are ‘better/better value’ stock image sites that ‘you lot’ use?

    Ta muchly!


    (It’s an acupuncture and Botox clinic, btw! Not a ‘south coast escorts experience’…)

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Well you could just steal them off Flickr. Even Ordnance Survey has been doing this!


    Istock has some good images but has got expensive since Getty bought them


    I’ve used which is free before – think they have a pay sister site as well.

    Never looked for images for setting up an escort business though. 😛

    Premier Icon binners

    I’ve got a subscription to Thinkstock, which gives you access to loads of different image libraries like istock. Works out very reasonable


    Stocksy is a well kept designer secret…

    Images that don’t look like classic stock images. Pricey in comparison to the budget sites, but good value and ultimately you get what you pay for.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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