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  • Staithes, North Yorks cheeky riding?
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    I’ve got a long weekend away with my good lady coming up and she’s given me a pass to nip out for a bit. Looking at the map there’s not much riding, and I don’t fancy driving anywhere what with having limited time. Any good cheeky round Staithes? Or any other suggestions?


    you may be able to pinch the coastal path (cleveland way?) it shouldnt be that busy this time of year long time since I walked it down to whitby and cant remember how difficult it may be tho.
    maybe not a lot of use but its a thought i remember it was a god walk
    You fancy doing a peak techy ride a some point chris


    If you were to change your mind about driving, Danby/Glaisdale are only about 15 minutes away. There’s plenty of good riding from there.

    Here’s a decent ride – the medium one starts at Danby

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    Graham – peaks techy ride? Always!

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    Cleveland Way North or South from Staithes would be good but be prepared for some walking, up some pretty steep steps in places, also with the Northerly winds at the moment it’ll be bloody cold on the cliff tops! Having said that you’ll get cracking views down the coast [weather permitting!]

    15 minute drive would get you to Guisborough woods, plenty of good trails there. You can also get onto the moors behind Guisborough, around Castleton and Danby


    Pool small world, as mentioned above I’m in Danby right now.

    Think ill take a look at that map and bring the bike up next week.


    Chris will email you or fb you about it G

    Guisbrough + Strava = fun, pointless without it through as the waymarked route is rubbish. Plenty of other stuff between there and captain cooks too.

    Coast path is plesent enough though for a pootle. I used to do Skelton -> Skiningrove -> Saltburn (best fish+chips by the pier) ->skelton on a mix of bridleway, footpath, small roads.


    Staithes is ace. I rode up and down the Cleveland Way on the ‘crosser when I was up there. Be aware you might have to do a bit of carrying down steps if you head in the Whitby direction. There’s some woods down near Sandsend that are worth a play iirc.

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    Were are you staying. I bought my first house in Staithes many years ago. The people who bought it from me changed the name from Cragside to Thistle do Nicely.

    Used Ride in Guisborough and the moors, spent many an hour carrying the bike across trackless moors when i got lost.

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    Mmmm, trackless boggy moors, let me dream.

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