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  • Premier Icon fatmax

    I have it on my Boardman CX. First time using a Sram groupset, and I find it quite clunky and agricultural – though not horrendous. I’ll be sticking Shimano on the CX over time, but then I know that some folk love it. Can you try it on a mates bike?


    No trim on front mech when in the inner ring.
    Found it a bit frustrating to get set up acceptably.
    I didn’t get on with Double Tap shifters either.
    I guess I’m a Shimano man :O)

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Lightweight for the price, but isn’t in the same league as 105 functionally.
    It works fine (mostly), but is clunky, noisy and makes some simple mistakes – for example, the lever still acts the same when you’re already in bottom gear, so you go through the full effort of changing (which is considerable), only to find you don’t have any gears left.


    Front mechs are not very good.
    As mentioned, no trim.
    Not as slick as a Shimano Tiagra….which I guess is it’s competitor?
    Firing up the gears with the double tap is quite satisfyingly clunky.

    If I had the choice to spec from new, I would go for Shimano.

    Premier Icon Aquaprofile

    I will sell you mine 😀

    I dont have it but Ive got the Rival groupset which is the next one up.

    The front mech is shite, replace it with a campag or a shimano one

    The double tap shifters are a breath of fresh air compared to shimano.

    Lighter than the competition.

    Hidden cables

    Small hoods

    The shifter levers still havent snapped off after over 2 years of use. I’m waiting for that to happen.

    On the whole, preferable to shimano, but get campag instead!

    Premier Icon benji

    I’ve got Sram rival, and love it on my cross bike, no problems with it. The hood shape is super comfy, something I have never said about campag, no matter how much mud and muck you throw at it, it keeps working when others have stopped.

    Apex is ok, for the price it is, run it on my road bike, done loads of miles on it, never broken any of it, just keeps on working.

    If i had the money I would run Force as it’s the best value for money in my opinion, red is such frightening, one good off and you could be £300 out of pocket for a new shifter, too dear for my budget.


    Is it any good? Looking to put it on my CX.


    Thanks for the replies, It sounds a bit hit and miss. Got Ultegra on my road bike and not a great fan of the levers though it does shift faultlessly.

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