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    So, after 6 1/2 years my 5/10 have died. Right sole has split along both sides and the supporting material completely collapsed.

    Looking for a replacement and Sombrio X-Float can be had at a good price. Anyone any real world experience with them?



    I ordered two pairs (low and mid) and when I tried them on they fitted really nicely. Comfortable and the sole seemed to be stiff enough but not too stiff and the Sombrio rubber seemed to be hardwearing but also grippy. Was harder than the 5:10 rubber. Not as heavy as my Barons.

    Unfortunately I did not keep them and take them out in anger due to the fact I could not get over the colour of the sole! If you are buying from CRC, the pic shows the sole to be a natural rubber tone when in reality the soles are BRIGHT Orange. I sent them back. Shallow I know but I didn’t need a new pair.

    They look to be well made and as said above, were very comfortable so if you can deal with having Tango Orange soles on your shoes they have to be worth a punt.

    Hope that helps.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Got a pair of X-Shazams, they’re really comfy and seem v well made. Sizing is “normal”.

    Only one ride old but impressed anyway: grippy enough, warm enough, repel water and mud reasonably well.

    I have ordered some X-Floats thanks to your unintentional PSA, ta.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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