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  • So who's had a nice weekend?
  • Candodavid

    Pretty good weekend here too, worked Saturday. Rode Mendip in wet on Sunday with a mate out on his new Zesty 527, cream tea in Clevedon in the afternoon @ Tiffins.
    Gardening this morning, then out with junior C for a bit of off road fun, followed by fooling around with guitars.
    Happy Days


    Worked saturday (still got 3 hours commuting in)
    Raced a town centre crit Sunday with my Dad and friends watching (drove a 4 man breakaway at 15 minutes in and stayed away taking 2 primes along the way.Won £80).
    Sunday rode a sunny 70 pacey miles with 3 others and plenty of banter.
    Good times riding pushbikes.


    Family stuff Saturday and Sunday so Monday was supposed to be my day to have a nice long ride, set my alarm to get up and go and it was pishing down. Should have just gone out in the rain because I spent all day looking out the window being grumpy.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Me: brilliant 😀

    Sat and Sun spent with me boy, best mate, best mate’s wife and our dogs.
    Dogs were so funny, getting all loved up and frolicking. Had my camera so took some porn

    Monday, went to see my new ladyfriend. Was supposed to be for a bikeride, but the weather ruined that…


    Worked Saturday.
    Worked Sunday.
    Got sick of working on Monday.

    He says, sat at work! 🙁

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Built a new wheel on friday night. Tested it on saturday with maiden voyage of child seat for boy #2 whilst boy #1 rode alongside (it was a success for all)
    Planted tomatoes on sunday, then back yo Dundee sunday night for another week’s work away from home 🙁

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills

    Had a no ride weekend. The GF got knocked off her bike on Thursday night by a wee scrote in a Suzuki Swift, which put paid to her weekend tackling the InPinn on Skye. So I was nurse and entertainer all weekend, CL final and then marshalling at a Youth Downhill Race on Sunday, now that’s how you show a girl a good time. I mean footie, hiViz and a walkie talkie FTW!

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Yes. Rugby on Saturday, Heineken Cup final to see Johnny W one last time. Beautiful day Sunday spent with my Dad who’s birthday it was. Monday relaxing, had hoped to get out on the bike but the weather was miserable.


    Mine sucked.

    Friday – in bed with migraine by 7pm. Awful night’s ‘sleep’
    Saturday – migraine postdrome (e.g. feeling crap all day)
    Sunday – pulled two muscles bouldering (one in back, one in calf)
    Monday – a very stiff day not doing much

    Premier Icon dawson

    Ace weekend with 3 other families in the Cotswolds – big house near Wotton under edge – 9 kids, 7 of which were under 10 – chaotic in a good way!

    went up Tyndale Monument, lots of geocaching, frisbee, and booze in the evenings when the kids were in bed



    Considerably better than last weekends horror show, which started with being interviewed by the police

    Can’t believe no-one else has asked – did you get the job?

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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