So who is injured and not biking at the minute?

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  • So who is injured and not biking at the minute?
  • Premier Icon Simon

    Me, broken thumb.


    Ripped tendon in finger from climbing

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    me – swelling between my legs the size of a grapefruit

    you try getting 3 of those and something the size of a litre coke bottle in yer keks 8)

    seriously, I think I have an alien from the planet haematoma hatching from my inner thigh 😥

    colonel wax

    Had a bi-lateral compartment release on my shins, so no riding for me for a few more weeks.
    Was going to do the Trans Cambrian Way and SDW in August/Sept. Bit gutted but CES had meant no running for 3 years, so good long term.


    Yep, 2 months off at the start of 2012 following a cornea transplant, got back on the road bike (no bumping around on mtb on docs orders for at least a year) then just as i start to find some form of fitness, i get bi-lateral kidney stones, had 2 operations on the right side in the last 2 weeks, and have the same joyous operations to look forward too starting tuesday next week, so off the bike again……….

    Premier Icon HB47

    knee injury – post a tangle with an idiot doing an illegal U-turn ( at least a police motorcycle was just behind me )


    Sore knee but still riding

    healing vibes to you all

    Premier Icon Teetosugars


    Still off sick on post op recovery..

    They found a lump last week, possible hernia or post op scaring, so back to the Drs for a few tests..

    rich c

    Broke my collar bone last Friday so no riding for a few weeks for me, getting fed up of it now so hoping I can get on the turbo by the middle / end of next week.


    Done my rotator cuff again and face another month or so off the bike, just as I was getting over a barren period of biking.

    Damn sore it is too….

    Who else is injured at the minute?


    Lower back sprain from mountain boarding!


    I have the mother of all chest infections, 2nd dose of Cipro something or other. I’ll be off the bike for a month according to the doc 🙁

    Back gone again after finally getting it right and riding in the last few weeks then picked something up a little too heavy and ‘ping’. Gone.

    Premier Icon Pook

    Thumped down on to gravelly tarmac a couple of weeks back. No break but dinged up all the tendons in my wrist. Still heavily bruised!


    Had my collarbone pinned 2.5 weeks ago. No proper riding for another 8-10 weeks.


    Getting over a bug at the moment but have a recurring bad knee at the moment and my shoulder is having a bad month too. Got out for a spin today even if short but was nice to have a gentle pootle


    Not injured, but banned from riding properly due to forthcoming hols, and having really bad unsightly and bleeding peddle stroke on back of both legs last year. 😥


    Post meningitis so I’m spending my days feeling weak as a kitten, head in a vice and ready to throw up 24/7.
    Happy days!


    Riding the back end of Kildale moor, to rough for me with SPD’s , couldn’t unclip in time, cracked two ribs on the end of the bar. How do people sleep with cracked ribs?

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)

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