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  • Show me your bling watches cos it's Sunday and I'm bored
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    That bullhead automatic is lovely.

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    Cheers, it took me months to find a good one. This one was made in my birth month and year (June 1976)

    Not my actual one but a lifted picture, I like the simple dial. great quality for the money.

    Damn it, that pic is tiny! It’s a Christopher Ward C11 MSL Mk1 Auto for anyone interested.


    I always wear a watch, using s garmin 610 at the moment, other half says it looks cheap and nasty.


    Another C.W


    loddrik, like that Ebel. I spent a long time looking at similar ones (black face, yellow hands), before plumping for an Aqua Terra instead


    WhatWouldJesusRide – Member
    A watch for the lazy.

    No batteries to change, no time to set and water resistant, so don’t care if it gets wet.

    Just like my Seiko, then… 😉
    There are some lovely watches up there ^, I like the Braun, although I wouldn’t own one, and I really like the Nomos, that’s such a nice, clear design.
    That Bullhead Auto is nice, too; very impressive.
    Had a long-standing hankering after a Panerai Luminor, but I like my SPORK so much, and it’s so nice to wear, it’s difficult to justify, even given the money.
    I think the Tudor is the only pricey watch I’d wear as an alternative to the Seiko.

    MountainMutant – Member
    Love the Panerai’s and have the wrists to pull the large face off but the sensible head says the Rolex.I don’t have a metal strapped watch and I guess it’s more timeless.

    You choose a watch with your heart, not your head! If it was a head purchase we’d all be wearing £5 Casios. The only way to do it is to try several on and buy the one you like the feel of, the one you like handling the most, the one you like looking at just for the sake of it, not because you need to know what time it is.

    saleem – Member
    I’ve nearly bought a Panerai luminor several times, but i just justify it sny more. The Rolex won’t lose money though like the Panarai

    Panerai loose money, are you mad?! By and large, they hold their value exceptionally well, something that very few manufacturers can boast (Rolex & Patek amongst them).

    I know what you mean about the cost though, the entry into the brand has become prohibitive…this is part of the reason that they hold their value; limited production runs, drip-fed to retailers throughout the year and an annual come-what-may price rise, all to protect the brand value. The Richemont Group have done a good job in that respect but have excluded a good number of potential customers in doing so. Not that they’ll give a monkeys, all part of the plan to pitch the brand as a ‘manufacture’ and knock heads with the big boys.

    Premier Icon cr500dom

    My first and only decent watch….
    (photo pulled off the web)

    Brought for me by my Ex, which is a constant annoyance to my Fiancee… 😳

    Should sell it and buy something else really

    Its been in Daily use, so has a nice patina now

    I like the Welder watches, and I`m currently designing a case for a Horologist friend, which is a variation on the Panerai paratrooper watch


    Retro blingish

    Now 24 years old, still have the original box & case somewhere. #

    Same model as won by Jason McRoy.


    so, STwatchworld,

    I’ve always liked the design and styling of the Stowa marine original after seeing it displayed on here and i’d love to own one, but couldn’t really afford the £700 price tag.

    photo for reference, not necessarily my ideal watch!

    Does anyone have any suggestions of cheaper (£100-£200) watches that pay homage to the styling cues of the stowa marine? the bits i like about that timepiece are the leather watch strap (in brown is my preference), the clean face with the lack of chronograph dials etc, lack of bezel and the fact its not too chunky.

    you guys have good taste – any ideas?

    Does anyone have any suggestions of cheaper (£100-£200) watches that pay homage to the styling cues of the stowa marine?

    Not off the top of my head, but a copy of the Wristwatch Annual might help, or ask over on the watchuseek forum.

    The MO is a lovely watch and I might have to treat myself one day. There are similar designs that are much more expensive, if that helps… 😉


    My pride and joy. Blingtastic.


    cheers rusty. a bit of googling has turned up the kemmner marine which ticks just about all my boxes!


    Shot of the rear of my Stowa to tempt ya, just save for 7 times as long 😉

    Untitled by monkeyfcuker, on Flickr


    you monkeyfcuker you 😉

    I would love a stowa, but as a chirstmas present i couldn’t afford it even putting money towards it.

    the kemmner does give exactly the look i want. Unless someone with a stowa was to sell me one cheap…. 😉


    Have you looked at Laco? I hear they’re also very nicely built but haven’t seen one in the flesh.


    i hadn’t until now! so it begins, aaargh! 🙂


    Or Steinhart. More pricey though again though.

    Premier Icon beej

    And to continue the Stowa theme, here’s the back of mine.

    Ooooo, those Steinharts are nice.


    I’m thinking of getting myself a RM 27-01 for christmas as I could do with a new tennis watch


    Oakley Time Bomb 2, I also have the original Time Bomb which now seems a little small.


    Not really bling

    Now looking at lots of blingy watches on ebay…grrrrrr

    Me too, lost out on two tag heuer watches today I’m determined to get one before Monday


    Oris BC4 Chrono

    Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military

    Steinhart B-Uhr Type B


    Not my phot, but I love my 856. Steinhart OVM is on the wish list too but currently working out if I can really justify owning more than one watch.

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