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  • Premier Icon scotroutes

    My Reba 29ers came set at 120 and I spaced them down to 100. 20mm Maxle version.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Ah yes spacing down seems to be fine …. i.e. I can space down to 80mm but thought there was an issue (possibly imagining it) with some increasing travel in that there wasn’t a spacer to remove.


    Depends, if there is no spacer then you cant increase, if there is then you can :0)

    Premier Icon jasonm945

    2012 Rebas can go to 80, but not up to 120, I believe 2011 can go up but could be wrong. What year do you have?
    (I would also presume that if there are no markings for 120mm then the forks won’t go to that.


    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    I bought mine back in the summer. So maybe 2012/13.

    Just curious thats all.

    I guess I will know when I drop the lowers and then if its not clear I’ll open up the air side and have a shifty.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    I have a bolt through Reba RL on my Solaris.

    Out of the box its set at 100mm travel.

    Am I right in thinking that these are only 80/100 capable and not like their 26” counterparts and 80/100/120?

    I’ve yet to drop the lowers for an oil change so don’t know if the sag markings on the leg go to 120mm.

    All help much appreciated 🙂

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Bump for the daytime crowd 🙂

    No info, but just planning to build the same spec / solaris reba rl.
    Generally are you pleased with the fork / frame fork combo?
    Thoughts appreciated.
    Piccies too, if poss!

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    The only pic I have to hand is this one 😳 :

    The frame is very good. Its not though like the Soul.

    The Solaris is much stiffer. I don’t find it as comfortable as my Soul but it is a lot more responsive and direct.

    The fork is a basic jobbie. I would like to up the travel from 100 to either 110 or 120 as I think this would get even more out of the frame :-0

    Aahh, that’s intersting, ref stiffness. I quite like the kenesis FF29, but thought the soalris, would be ‘smoother’ steel, rather than harsher alu.
    But i think i still prefer the solaris!
    Is the fork – 15mm or 20mm ?? IIRC??

    Nice piccie!

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark


    I’ve yet to ride a modern aluminium HT so cannot make a direct comparison re stiffness. I am building a Scandal V2 though ….

    Premier Icon Stoner

    letmetalktomark – I have some 2009 (ish) 20mm Rebas that go to 120mm.

    I almost never use them anymore and if I do only at 100mm as my frames (scandal ti29er) dont really like the a-c that high.

    if you find that yours dont go out to 120mm, but it’s something you really want then get in touch, we might be able to come to an arrangement 🙂 or at the very least youd be welcome to borrow them to test the A-C and handling.

    ah, just read you’ve got 15mm so probably the 20mm wont be what youre after.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Stoner …. very kind.

    Will keep you posted. Axle type, as long as its bolt through, isn’t an issue as it a Hope hub so easily converted.

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