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  • Rose bikes – anyone ever bought one, MTB or Road?
  • orange_c

    Just that really, came across their website and seemed to have lots of shiny well specced bikes that seem relatively cheap. Based in Germany somewhere.

    thanks for reading and have a nice day


    Popular for cheap Shimano etc, a friend of mine has a Rose road bike which he seems well pleased with.

    Neighbour (a propper roadie) had one (RS 3000? Carbon with SRAM groupset) and loved it. IIRC they’re pretty much comparably priced against Canyon, but you can custom spec them too, so pick something that’s close to what you want, then it lets you swap stuff for the price difference which is bargain considering how cheep their components are.

    Mag’s give the road bikes pretty good reviews, never seen the MTB’s reviewed, but some of them look quite cool.

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    I know someone who works for them in the UK. They are legit if that’s what you’re wondering. I have bought a bit of stuff from them myself and a few people in the club have too.


    GrahamS has a CX. I think.

    Premier Icon schnor

    Very happy Rose owner here. Got their basic model (PRO SL 2000) last november as a starter road bike. I upgraded the wheels, tyres, full 105, carbon forks, etc. 8kg and only £815, but it was a pre 2012 clearance sale.

    They have a flat top tube so a 55cm is equivalent to other companies 53cm. Measure yourself up and give them (or Fin Paton their very helpful UK rep on 07775786709 to see if you’re nearby and try one on for size) a ring to double check sizing.

    TBH I use Rose for 95% of my purchases now, I plan ahead and put in an order every other month for all my 3 bikes.

    My only advise is unless you’re planning on ordering batches like I do, to also order a spare mech hanger as the postage is ~£7.

    [edit]The delivery of the bike itself was mixed, although despatched within a few days it sat in a DHL warehouse for over a week despite having priority postage, but that wasn’t really Rosebikes fault. My last order did that too BTW


    I’ve got a Rose Thrill Hill MTB.

    Full suspension carbon xc, weighs in at 10.2kg and cost a tad over £2000.

    Excellent spec and build quality. Had a couple of crashes (bike is faster than me) and carbon frame has survived well.

    Very happy


    Bought a RS4400 last May. Done 3000 miles so far very happy.

    The upgrades are ‘very’ competitive I’m really glad I took advantage of going for cosmics for another £250 over krysiums

    I keep looking at them for mountain bikes but they look fugly (imo)


    I agree that my Rose MTB isn’t pretty, but it gets me up hills a hell of a lot quicker than my Commencal.

    I was at the bike show in Brum on saturday and their Road bikes looked great for the money. The integrated cable routing on the head tube is a nice idea. Shit name though.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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