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  • twohats

    Did these at Leeds Uni once, harder now you have to swerve round the anti-bike measures at the top.

    You used to be able to get some serious airtime into those steps!
    Someone has also cleared the 1st set landing into the 2nd set!

    Premier Icon metalheart

    That brasil one looks like the kind of DH race I could actually do!


    ive riden 93 down the banking on thorton moor rez 😉


    I rode the 197 steps at Whitby Abbey when I was about 16- got a big cheer at the bottom and I think dislodged my insides!


    Not done them myself (ran all the way up and back down when I was a kid though*), but I think a couple of my mates have ridden down Jacob's Ladder in Falmouth. Only 111 steps though.

    * and thrown up at the bottom, it seemed a good idea at the time though.


    Those ones at Leeds uni stick in my mind – would love to see someone do them in the flesh…


    I always find it more challenging to ride up the stairs.

    Tougher frame without a stiffer rear is helpful!

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    Those steps at Leeds uni pas the library are pretty easy, every time I take a sus bike (front or full) with me, I do the steps.

    There's another set of steps before those ones leading down to the Library from the Union. I've jumped from the top to the first landing on those (maybe 15-20 steps) but, I'm not sure you could do the second set past the Library now the obstacles are in the way. Also the ones past the library are waay steeper….the price of failure is much higher.


    whitby abbey steps, there should be 199. Although its full of tourists and is national heritage, so, best be fast…


    There's a flight of stone steps at Rivington which the guide books call the 365 steps. Supposedly one for every day of the year. Ridden them several times, but too busy concentrating to count.


    kukuruza – are they the ones that go through the garden from the remains of the house, there in blocks of about 5-7??

    They are good fun to manual down a flight at a time when there are no walkers about. One of the highlights of the ride for me as you have to maintain the momentum and line but it gets trickier near the bottom as they get a bit steeper.


    Digley Dam wall near Holmfirth has a load of steps down it but I've not counted em. Nor have I ridden em obviously cos it's not allowed and all that honest guv, it might fall down… 😉 Quite fancy a trip to Liege!


    11,674 stairs


    Back in the late-80's / early-90's me and a mate rode down the Calvario steps from the chapel in Pollenca, Majorca. 365 steps, apparently you're supposed do a pilgrimage up the steps and say a prayer for every day of the year.


    Was on a rigid Marin Bear Valley back then.


    i have run up the ones at both covent garden and angel. angel seemed harder and have done it since as you can beat the escalator, where as the lifts had come and gone at CG when i reached the top.


    Doug at BasqueMTB is talking about Gaztelgatze

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    Hi Mark! I am indeed talking about there but couldn't remember the name. It's an amazing place, totally blew me away when I first saw it, just as the sun was setting. Had a meal in the pub at the top with the glass front which was spectacular. I didn't ride it but Rowan said that there was one corner that was really sketchy and would have ended with you on the rocks below if you missed it.

    We'll have to get another ride before I head back to Scotland for Christmas if you fancy?

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    "In London, the longest stair set that is easily rideable without any hassle has to be the Greenwich Foot Tunnel – tight, slippery, steep. 100 stairs,"

    I was just thinking that, I saw a guy doing it on a street mtb, completely and hilariously out of control but he made it. Slippy them steps, cast iron and a bit damp.


    The neerest I can find quickly! Not a good view of the steps, alas, but 45yrs ago I rode them daily! Googlemapping, I cannot recognise the surrounding area, it has been so redeveloped, but the steps have been kept!

    There is at least 60 years history gone from the maps, gulp! Where is my childhood cast to? 🙁

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