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  • Ridiculous crash today!!!
  • loddrik

    Cycling through Liverpool city centre today on my folder, 20″ wheels with skinny tyres. Unknowingly rode over a grid which just so happened to have slats the perfect size for my front wheel to go straight in and send me over the bars flat on my face in front of loads of shoppers. To make matters worse took me 30 seconds to untangle myself from the bike. Now very sore and probably illicited much mirth.


    ….took me 30 seconds to untangle myself from the bike.

    *cancels Lodders invite to be in the STW Krypton Factor All-Stars team*

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Sounds bad! Is it worth reporting so that it doesn’t happen to others?

    Premier Icon tomaso


    Did anyone catch you struggling on their phone? Are you becoming an internet sensation at this moment in time?


    It was rider error rather than faulty grid.

    Didn’t notice any phones thankfully.


    Well done for entertaining the masses. If only someone could have filmed it for you then you’d be £200 better off thanks to You’ve Been Framed.


    There are quite a few grids with the slots in direction of travel in wirral look around woodside, and in london there where ones about 20 inches long, theu solved that probbelm by bolting a flat bat accross the centre.

    Report it to Liverpooldirect, and the bloke who has the moaners on radio merseyside at lunchtime phone in,give them something to chat about.

    Oh where was the location.


    Roger Phillips arrggh.

    I was getting told off in Liverpool Marina for kayaking too close to the boats. Just being nosey is all.


    should have gone 650b………….

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I did that whilst riding through the pedestrian area in Cardiff back when it ws paving slabs. There used to be a very narrow gap down the middle for drainage, but it was too narrow to admit a 23mm tyre.. Except for in one spot.. My front wheel fell down about a foot into it. One minute I was riding along in a world of my own, the next my bike had stopped dead, my bars disappeared and I’m in the air wondering wtf is going on 🙂


    Mmm waits for the clown bike massive to jump in with “if you’d been riding a propper sized bike blah blah blah”


    Fat bike. It’s the only way to be truly safe, no matter what the terrain

    Premier Icon wiggles

    I had a similar public humiliation yesterday, walking up the stairs to the changing rooms in a packed gym, a brief admiring glance at the lady walking down the stairs cause me to lose my balance fall UP the stairs. Made a huge noise so everyone turns around, I was tangled in my bag and my shoe had fallen off…

    Absolute worst thing was she said “are you OK?” and all that came out of my mouth was “sorry”

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