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  • Reverb getting a bit squidgy – DIY fixable?
  • JonEdwards

    Hi all,

    After 9 months, my Reverb has developed about 1/4″ of squish when fully up. Not a major issue, but I’d like to sort it before it gets worse. (air pressure is fine)

    According to the SRAM tech vids, it’s a “send it back” job, but is it? Or is it fixable by a competent DIYer? I’ve done a few shaft/bushing services on it, but not explored the guts any further.




    im in a similar situation.

    you need to purchase an entire seal kit (about £30) plus two specific tools – cant recall the names,but rose bikes sell them and they are about £18 for both.

    Then its just a case of following the videos that SRAM have put out – but its the complete service as I believe the problem is due to the inner/upper seal head. If I could source a seal kit i wouldn’t hesitate in doing it myself.

    I believe LoCo does a reverb service for about £70 which is good value, but it looks like these things need doing every year so i think its worth getting your head around it yourself.

    Just send it back under warranty. I’ve got a year old Reverb that’s doing what you describe and leaking air. I got it from and just dropped it off at my LBS to be sent back to SRAM. As long as you’ve got the receipt/invoice then you’ll be fine.


    I’ve had three separate Reverbs do exactly the same thing in the first six months of owning one.

    Bought from Germany, sent back through LBS to SRAM in Windsor and replaced with a brand new one every time

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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