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  • Replacing read discs on accord! Do myself or take to mechanic?
  • bland

    I prefer to try do these kind of jobs myself and while I despise working on cars do get satisfaction from completing a job myself and not spending money on a mechanic if I don’t need to.

    I believe the pistons are push in, not wind so that’s easy enough, however the hand brake is on the inside of the disc and I’m not sure if this complicates it?

    Was just going to leave the pads as they are hardly touched, its just the discs have warped slightly!

    So give it a go or not?

    Premier Icon votchy

    A lot of Japanese cars use drum handbrake inside the rear disc, no problem doing the rears on my wife’s Honda Stream. There was enough clearance to slide disc off with the handbrake off, even the disc retaining screws came undone without any problem. Process was jack up, remove wheel, release handbrake cable, remove caliper, remove pads, remove caliper carrier, remove disc retaining screws, remove disc. Reassembly was the reverse with the addition of some copperslip on the wheel mounting face to prevent alloy wheel corroding to disc, took about an hour to do both sides.

    Premier Icon parkesie

    If your putting new discs on put new pads on aswell. Worn pads used with a warped scored disc put on to a new disc will speed up the wear on the disc and have little or no efficiency for longer as they mate to the disc.

    The drum part of the brake will most likely come off with no problems with hand brake off. As it should have little to no wear at all.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    On my Prius there’s a mini drum brake inside the hub of the disc. Just leave the brake off, and replace as normal. Piece of liquid waste matter.

    When I refitted, there was very slight contact between the drum and the handbrake pads though, so I backed it off til it was clear and the handbrake (actually foot operated) doens’t work that well any more. I think a little brushing of pad and drum is acceptable.

    Premier Icon euain

    My Honda Civic doesn’t have the mini drum brake arrangement – the handbrake is a cable that operates the main calliper pistons.

    If you’ve the same, the only thing to remember is you have to screw the pistons back in rather than just press them in. Otherwise, it’s an easy job.

    Premier Icon jeffl

    Have a look on the type accord website. Good DIY on it. From memory it’s not a massive job.


    Cheers guys, think ill give it a whirl

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