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  • Recommend me a photo/video editing pc
  • grahamt1980

    As title.
    I’m looking for recommendations in the 500-800 quid range for photo editing (raw image processing) and video (hd, 4k if possible) editing.

    Just the Base is fine but would just like one that doesn’t take hours to render as my current laptop is clearly outclassed


    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Fastest Processor, Most RAM and Graphics card for the $$ and multiple drives?? My usual lookup of the dell outlet might be good but your probably looking for more than base but one of their base machines might be a good starting point (Ora cancelled order for a high spec upgrade)


    You can get a lot more value from a self-built PC, if that’s a possibility? Big brands will probably be offering something in the i3/8Gb/500Gb HDD range for that kind of money, my self build would look more like:

    – AMD FX / Ryzen
    – Asus mobo
    – 8Gb+ RAM (Lightroom benefits from 16Gb?)
    – 128Gb SSD OS Disk
    – 1Tb+ SSHD/HD for storage
    – Decent brand PSU circa 500W
    – Antec case (they are brilliant and cheap)

    Check out some video encoding benchmarks, for value I can recommend the AMD FX w/ 6 cores, or you could even look into the new Ryzen CPU for that budget. I put together a budget water-cooled AMD FX gaming PC for about £400 last month 🙂


    Just seen an ad for PC Specialist, you could get close to the spec above from them and save the hassle/fun of building it yourself:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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