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  • Recommend me a 9 speed cassette
  • andybanks

    The muck, sandy soil and road grit seem to be wearing my cassette down for fun.

    What would you recommend me?

    More concerned with value for money as opposed to amazing quality or a dirt cheap bargain. Just something that does a good job but that I won’t be annoyed if I have to replace when this happens again.


    Road or MTB?


    Have had no issues with any cassettes from Shimano or SRAM SLX/XT/PG980/990 they’ve all been fine tbh

    I think my obsession with clean dry chains helps a lot. Have used Squirt for some time now, get back from a ride and just brush the dirt off the cassette with a stiff brush, polish the chain and re-apply Squirt. No black gunk or grinding paste the drivetrain components last for ages.


    I’ve been cleaning the chain in white spirit after every ride and then re-lubing it. Last night my rear cassette was slipping the the bottom three gears.

    boblo – It’s MTB.

    Premier Icon stimpy

    SRAM PG980.


    Xt has always been my usual choice for my day to day bikes

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    I’ve got a sram and I think shimano for sale if you do a search on my ads in last few days?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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