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  • afrayedknot

    I am going to Dartmoor for a week, staying in Whitchurch near Tavistock at the end of October. Can anyone recommend any routes please. Thanks


    You need to repost this on the main forum (it is bike related after-all) to get the best response.
    What are you after ride wise? The Princetown to the Burrator reservoir then back up the old railway line is an easy going loop (or back the way you came) which I enjoyed whilst there last year (reminded of it on another thread today).
    We saw loads of different stuff there, & throughly enjoyed our trip to the area, even when completely lost and tired.


    Thanks for the recommendation. This sounds good as I am fairly new to mountain biking and I don’t really like going up hills! And yes it was my first post so I put it in the wrong place.

    Welcome to the forum afrayedknot … think about escaping while you can 😉

    Some other forums such as bikeradar and mbr have links to routes for many areas (surprised we don’t have something like that on here, thinking about it?) or you could try google’ing routes and see what comes up, sometimes even local tourist info offices will have maps and guides, but, yep, you’ll probably get a better response on the bike forum …



    You could always do a search on Garmin’s site, just filter activity type to mountain biking. It’s free to register. Garmin Connect


    There’s a fair few of us Dartmoor locals on STW, so there’s a good chance someone will be around to show you a loop. Your best bet would be to post up a bit nearer the time asking for a guide.

    Based in Tavistock a ride from Princetown would probably suit you well. You’ll need to so some climbing though to get the best out of the area 😯 but the Princetown to Burrator trails aren’t excessively steep, as you’re already up on the high moor.


    widowmaker for a newbie? 😯

    Premier Icon jam bo

    the widowmaker is actually pretty tame.

    you can ride onto the moors from whitchurch, up around pew tor and along towards cox tor or climb on up to princetown.

    grenofen woods is a bit closer and has an hour or two worth of woodsy singletrack.

    Gawton or Tavistock woodlands is close if you fancy something a bit more DH


    the widowmaker is actually pretty tame.

    well ime it’s pretty easy to have a v nasty fall particularly if done at any speed cos of the number loose rocks strewn all over the track.
    i’m probably a crap rider though.


    Try this

    Some good rides around Dartmoor, have fun.


    Post up on here nearer the time and I’m sure you’ll get someone to show you around.

    You’re on the wrong side of the moor for the better stuff though so a car journey or two might be in order.

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