Quad Lock Bike Mount Questions

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  • Quad Lock Bike Mount Questions
  • Wondering of anyone with experience of the Quad Lock phone case/bike mount kit could offer some real world feedback before I take ether plunge and order 1 please!

    This is the kit I am looking at: https://www.tredz.co.uk/.Quad-Lock-Bike-Kit-iPhone-6-6-Plus_76368.htm

    Was wondering whether rtes mount is secure enough for proper full on MTB usage? Most of the pictures I see are of it mounted on road bikes where there’s not going to be as much bouncing and shaking going on!

    Would I be better going for the ‘Out Front’ mount? Although this doesn’t seem to be available for 35mm bars….

    Anything else that stands out as being good or bad about it in use? Seems like a good idea and as I only use the IPhone on the bike (no dedicated bike computer) I think it’d be handy if it works well.


    Got ’em for 3 bikes.
    Secure enough for MTB.
    Get the “out in front” mount, gives better position(s).


    Premier Icon superleggero

    It’s a quality product and secure enough for proper MTBIng. I have the out front mount which puts the phone in a better position. Not sure about 35mm compatibility though.

    Yeah it looks like there is no 35mm bar option unfortunately….

    How long does the stem need to be to fit the mount on securely? I think mine is 40mm but again most of the pictures online show mega long roadie stems…..

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    You’ll struggle on a 40mm stem. Mine was fine on a 100mm road stem, but wouldn’t want to have to fit it to a much shorter one.

    Thanks tomhoward – I did think that and thought the out front would be needed but if they don’t offer it for 35mm bars I think I’ll struggle….

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    You could mount it on your bars, if you aren’t bothered about symmetry?

    Not bothered about symmetry at all so that might be what I do – presuming the ‘standard’ mount is solid too? The I-Phone just seems like a big item with lots of potential to twist around….

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