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  • OCB

    Was (or appeared to be) working fine (for me) a couple o’ days ago (Win10/Firefox) when I last used it.

    That said, I’ve just checked to see how the package delivery on the backend is going, and I can’t connect to it, so maybe there’s a capacity issue? I seem to think it said there was a 6.4 day lead-in time, this time, which is about as long as I’ve seen. The website now states the backend has 0 requests / ~0 days in the queue, suggesting a problem perhaps.

    Hope it’s ok, it’s a great resource!


    Thats what I see too. The box where you enter your email isn’t there



    I download all my Garmin maps from

    The website seems to be working, but doesn’t allow me to enter my email address to download the maps. anybody else had issues? Im on an iMac, tried Safari & Firefox.


    There’s also a problem at Garmins end when updating maps to the latest version.. instead of deleting the loaded map then loading the updated one, the device doesn’t delete the previous version so you’ll get one of two messages .. “not enough memory” or “unable to update maps”

    Garmin are working on a patch for it.

    See Garmin Forums for help.

    Member now has a banner saying broken – come back in a few days.


    back up, but with a 5 day wait for maps!


    Not a problem just now…one server doesn’t have a queue, the other ~5.2 days
    Luck of the draw and try again?

    I don’t use the email system, which might make a difference. I “Choose a pre-defined country” “Europe” (drop-down list) UK
    “Request your map or download it directly:” “Download map now”
    That’s 500+MB though


    What map were you trying to download? If it’s one of the pre-defined countries then you can just download it straight away, if you want a custom map you need to check “enable manual tile selection” when you select or deselect “tiles” (regions on the map) then the email box will appear

    Hope this helps

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    but with a 5 day wait for maps

    my experience is that they are typically ready much quicker than they state, but I’ve not requested one when the site’s just back from a major outage.

    I “Choose a pre-defined country” “Europe” (drop-down list) UK

    works for the UK (being an Island), but being resident on mainland EU most of mine need to be custom, since I’m often border hopping between countries. Sometimes the overlap works, other times it doesn’t.
    Oh and the Germany full country map makes UK look lightweight (or did the last time I used that method), and maxes out my SD card in the Garmin.

    Glad it’s back. It was my go to site for custom mapping. Fortunately I got the last map I needed just in time.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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