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  • powdercoating nr Edinburgh?
  • exilegeordie

    I didn’t end up having mine done in the end, but Hendersons (out past Meadowbank Stadium) are supposedly very good. Visited the premises, and whilst a little chaotic, reckon he’d do an excellent job. Suggested by Adam at TBC.


    Pentland have done a couple for me. Lots of colour choice and decent enough job.. for a good price too. Did my SC Superlight frame for £30.

    I’m about to take a beaten up touring frame to them this week, but would probably think twice about a really special frame. Should be fine for your BMX though.


    Anyone had a frame done recently and can suggest somewhere? It’d need blasting first. Or would I need to prepare the frame myself?

    search function is suggesting Pentland Precision and Hendersons metal cleaning.

    I dont want to spend a lot cos it’s only a kid’s bmx, but a DIY job, paying for nitromors, primer, paint and t-cut, it’s probably better to get someone else to do it.


    edit: there’s seem to be a Pentland Precision Engineering Finishes and a Pentland Powdercoating

    +1 for Hendersons. Nice chap, if a little optimistic with timescales.

    Got mine done there about 3 months ago. He knows his stuff, so made sure all the pivots were out and all the necessary holes were bunged before setting off.

    Finish was top notch, although some might say you can’t polish a turd…

    EDIT: Dunno if that’s showing a picture or not, cos work PCs are bobbins. Pronghorn PR6 Trail in metallic blue, just the front triangle. Cost £65 iirc.


    Hendersons are far too expensive.
    stoo – did Pentland bead blast it too for the £30?


    Another vote or Pentland Powdercoating. They will strip the old paint however make sure you mask threads etc as I had to clean some on my frame. Quality was very good considering the price. Very nice colours as well, metallic paint, gloss blac with silver flakes. They have some alloys painted so you see how the colour really looks like. Dependent ng on how busy they are you might have it ready in the sae week.


    £70 to have my old full-sus done at Hendersons. Looked great but the paint didn’t seem that hardy.


    Thanks for the responses. Given the bike cost less than a Henderson powdercoat, I’m going for a Pentland one

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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