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  • Mounty_73

    Currently working in the IT field, but started looking/thinking about a career change.

    Looking for some advice on working with young people & children.

    I do voluntary work, supporting a few kids at a local school who have various issues etc. I have also been doing holiday clubs at various schools during the holidays.

    I have also applied for a position as residential support worker who are looking for people with outdoor qualifications (I have TCL, first aid etc).

    Does anyone on here work in this area that could offer any help and advice on where to start, also any help with getting new qualifications?



    I know nothing specific about what you want, but all I can say, being in a similar position myself right now, is that if you WANT to do it badly enough, you’ve just gotta keep at it, banging on and on and on, applying for jobs, being nice to people, getting out and leaving your details and CV in likely places. If you want it badly enough, it’ll happen…or at least I hope it will! Fingers crossed dude, it sounds like a worthwhile thing to do to me! 🙂


    No specific knowledge of working with young people etc, all I would say though is plan it properly; I’ve a mate who didn’t, who is now a 50yr old with no pension, no proper qualififcations and goes from crap job to crap job.

    I think you’re exactly right to think of what qualififcations may be needed first.

    good luck

    Hows about calling the Frank Chapman Centre and Pioneer Centre for the heads up? Both businesses run childrens outdoor pursuit activities on a full time basis. Ludlow College run courses on PE, Sports and another course for young children in the BTEC section – they might be able to advise on what qualifications would be suitable.

    I used to work in a pupil referral unit doing outdoor education with the pupils. didnt have many qualifications myself but the teacher i worked with did. a good starter is the basic expedition leaders award, it covers the basics of camping and navigation etc. it forms a good basis for other qualifications. being able to drive a minibus is always useful, do you have your D1?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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