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  • Premier Icon hugo rune

    Are my Pikes working properly?

    I can’t get full travel on mine. Have you tried a different shock pump to check the gauge is working? Sounds like you might have more air in your negative than your positive.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    if the travel is dragged down to 125mm then there is too much negative.

    I have two pairs of these and over time they do creep down a bit. Spoke to flooksy about it and he says it’s just the way they are.

    let the air out of the pos and neg, fill the positive first, then the negative.

    Both of mine have been pushed and I run 10psi MORE in the neg than the positive.

    you will just have to play with them a bit.

    the other option is to let all the neg out and start agian. Remember to let the neg out whilst the bike is upside down.


    As Vortex says, 10psi (or a little less) more in the -ve than the +ve and with the Motion Control fully on (the little knurled knob, not the big blue one) you’ll have a supple fork that doesn’t dive under braking.

    As mainly said:
    1) Let air out of -ve (I never heard of turning bike upside down – doesn’t make sense)
    2) Turn both motion control knobs off – fully anti clockwise
    3) Off the bike, bounce fork up and down so it shows 140mm travel on stanchion. If new, you may have to physically pull it out
    4) Pump positive to correct pressure – note that the recommended settings are way too high. I am about 82kg all up with pack and run my +ve at 125 psi
    5) Set -ve to between 0 and 10 psi more than +ve


    CaptainMainwaring is right with what you need to do.


    Thanks chaps.

    I’ve got Revs on another bike and it wasn’t nearly as tricky with them.

    Captains stage 3 is reassurring, I will have to drag it back out with a knee on the tyre.


    Got a new pair of u-turn air pikes and I’m having a mare setting them up. I’m 13.5 stone (86Kg)

    I’ve wound them to full travel. I’ve put in the 150 psi they recommend in the positive. I’ve put in 140psi in the negative.

    The travel then shows it been dragged down to 125mm before I’m even sat on!

    Is there a better way of setting the sag on these? I’d like to get 140mm without me being on the bike, and the sag to be 25% when I get on.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    The reason Tim Flookes said do it upside down is to stop the oil coming out.

    It will make no differenece to pressures etc.


    15st in riding gear and run 130psi in both chambers.

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